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my 'idiotic' attempt at: remedy for sade sati - take it or leave it

An interesting man came to be my indirect teacher. he came as an indirect disciple of a Tamil Siddhar lineage under Sri Nandeeswarar Siddhar. He has shared the cosmic secrets that i've sort of SWEAR not to divulge to the public as it can be misused for commercialism purpose. So in this few months of knowing him, i've sort of piece together my own searching for answers i can only find through some past life regression. Just some interesting stuffs where i can't even confirm if it's true for we're not suppose to remember the past.
i came from the nanda dynasty, a kingdom that exist in ancient india which had been overtaken by alexander the great. while in this kingdom, i serve as the queen's royal doctor and i've also researched on healings and at the same time do a lot of killings of the unborn. a lot of the knowledge had been lost when the kingdom is gone, and am now only left with an untapped subconsious that certain knowledge only come back as bit and pieces and i've to tap on the cosmic pool of knowlege, if am lucky i get to access. if am not, am left with a tired mind spelling 'stupid idiot dumb dumb fella'
so now, at my another idiotic attempt to test some out of the world not in text books spoonfed knowledge, or so called 'oscar's dream up theories', i got some immediate remedies yet not so easy to perform 'stunts' for remedying a sade sati cycle. So if u r a vedic enthusiastic, or an astrologer for vedic branch, or even, someone afflicted with sade sati which is the dreaded 7 and a 1/2 years of badddddd luck...take heart...this remedy might work in some way in general, as individual chart remedy will be the real answer.
Sade sati is when transiting saturn move in to your moon sign from the 12th. so say, your moon sign is in libra, and transiting saturn is in virgo, so that is the beginning of your sade sati. it ends when it passes on to scorpio at some good degrees, so to speak. most ppl come consulting an astrologer after the first 2 1/2 years. because the 5th year will be the worst of the worst they can take. some strong characters will consult to an astrologer when they have slightly pass the5th year. Some lucky enough will consult before or the beginning of the cycle. This also depends on the individual chart, and whether that person will take on the full cycle or not, which cycle of sade sati it is and in what constellations the planets are in. so basically, this remedy is a very general remedy for the whole topic of sade sati.
i stress...take it if u like, u got nothing to lose, leave it if u like, u still got nothing to lose... for the tone here in my that mood which is kind of hard for me to explain my mind.
So let's say, a perfect human life is a 120 years. with all the rubbish we're feeding ourselves, smelling in and etc, we have grossly put ourselves at 80 if ur lucky <--- 20="" 2nd="" 30="" 3rd="" 60="" 7.5="" :="" a="" about="" after="" again="" already.="" and="" another="" at="" back="" bad="" basically="" be="" because="" begin.="" beginning="" belong.="" big="" bones="" br="" but="" calling="" can="" chinese="" cloud="" consider="" cycle="" dark="" days="" disaster="" do="" dog="" don="" dough="" eggs="" enough="" every="" everyone="" example="" face="" fast.="" first="" follow="" for="" get="" go="" good="" got="" have="" he="" home="" human="" i="" if="" is="" it="" just="" know="" last="" lining="" little.="" luck="" lucky="" means="" million="" n="" not="" now="" of="" old="" or="" out="" pass="" please="" retire="" s="" sade="" sanyasi="" sati="" say="" saying="" scandals="" silver="" so="" some="" sooth="" suffer="" sure="" survive="" swami...opps...swami="" t="" takes="" that="" the="" their="" they="" thing="" thrown="" to="" too.="" tru="" true="" u="" unless="" ur="" very="" want="" where="" whole="" will="" won="" years="">just break it apart. 2.5+2.5+2.5.
Anyway, since it's a karmic cause, so how does karma operate? i don't have a mechanism or a set of rules for it, for karma is not for naked eyes. but it do manufacture some part of ur destiny. my point here is, HOW it operates? u can't see it, u can't touch it, u can only scold, karma is a bitch. there's only 1 rule thou, and it's balance. u put in the bad, u have to balance back on the good, or it just gets heavier, u put in the good, u have to balance back on the bad, or u just snapped for being a saint too bored. human being human, let's face it, u can't be all good and not bad, so the way to it is balancing, unless u r some superhuman yogi. So think about it, when it happens, what hit first? ur body. ur mind. ur emotion. when ur this three thing is hurt, ur soul is tormented, and there, u pay ur karmic debts.
so in a simple process, u divide karma into another 3 part of karma. 1st) u can't change 2) u can change, just more more more hard work. 3) u can change easily said than done by controlling the 5 senses that let karma take shape.
when it operates, it goes tru ur bloodline and dna and brings the condition to ur physical world. so now u break it to 2.5 + 2.5 + 2.5
the first 2.5 - control ur mouth
speak no evil, eat no bad stuff, drink no rubbish.if u have not give ur parents n grandparents enough care and respect, do it before it's too late, at least talk more to them in a good way. first thing u put into ur mouth, fruits. last thing u put into ur mouth, vegetables. u need the cleansing to let your blood flow smoothly so that it's not stuck or block at some way where the 'karma' can manifest in a condition. u need the practice of holding on to ur gluttony desires. and in a way, this will let u practice more self control in other things. reduce intake of salt. ur body have it's own natural salt. if it's excessive, u sweat and dat's why it's salty. in a way, salt let u be heavier and ur kidneys work harder to process the extra salt. if u wish to go for mantra chanting, stick to one so that u r focus, it's ur best time to pick up one too.
the 2nd 2.5 - control your mind
let it be calm and watch your problems from above. solutions will come when ur mind is calm and not panic in time of adverse sudden changes. it's time for more simple healthy lifestyle. it's time for that tired gross dirty body of yours to have it's engine overhaul for detoxification. cleanse more so that positive energy can be filled by the universe. it is for u to learn how to face your problems and solve it like an adult, for u to get the wisdom behind the experience and for u to see the other side of the coin. welcome it so that it won't bother u again. it either enhance your good points or let u learn a thing or two about ur weakness and how to not do it again, whatever prob u think there is. from illness, to self happiness in terms of r/ships, to career change, or whatever.
diet cleansing, not the flour made vegetarian food that commercialism took over. it's just simple fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey, coconut and alkaline food that is taken at the right time of the day. general time will be 7.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm and 7.30pm at small potions. be one with nature, yeah go exercise that bum of urs, don't be lazy. and lastly, do some form of charity where u have to sweat it out. last but not least, stay low profile, solitude if u can, for u to reconnect back with ur own self. see this part, it's kinda long, it indicates the significance of this phase.
the last 2.5 years - the aftermath, if u ever have any.
time to do self reflect, clear up the unhappy memories and slowly come out of ur shell. if the above lifestyle have significantly improve your overall health physically n mentally, stick to it for health = wealth. healthy body means ability to find back the wealth u've lost in the past 5 years, so u have to take care of ur body at the previous 5 years, for u to embrace the last stage of this 2.5 years.
however, if u have not been preparing for the previous stage up to now, it's not too late. and u might need a little help.
u can email to me ur chart if u have, or ask more details on this at . only remedy for sade sati related questions will be entertain for the meantime, as i've limited time for free consultation so first come, first serve basis, depending on my free time, and all emails will be answered, although i might be late so thank you for understanding!

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