Monday, April 19, 2010

the many faces that i've seen for consultations

most people, majority of people that i know, including own family, have this one thing in common. which is, whenever there is a problem arise, they turn to whatever they can get their hands on for solutions. they turn to astrology when they have problems, and they deny astrology when they are out of it.

i have met many people who hurl criticism to me saying am doing hodge podge science when they can't even make a difference between astrology and palmistry. they love to extend their palm to me and ask me to see after they throw the critics and when i say i don't know palmistry, they laugh as if they know best, that the critics they gave were correct. sometimes they are the one that came running back to me after some time and ask me to read them their birth chart, sometimes they peek at what am doing when i study and try to extend their PALM again. i just kept QUIET and give them a big smile.

it had been years like that since i started studying serious astrology, and this big smile saved me from a lot of pressuring to do some proofing business. i don't need to prove that astrology works, it do works. just that there are a lot of deep and profound works behind that i don't think i can explain to someone who can't differentiate a thing. anyhow, when i study, it makes me an anti social, for i don't have much luxurious time to spend debating or explaining. i'll do that when am free. i have got no time for tv movies, my source of news came from internet and paper, am sleep deprived, am going through a big transition in my life and i've my hands on many things to keep my sane life going.

But one of the best faces that i've seen...are these and i think more of them will be coming for me when i fully open my door....

the denial - 'i don't have a problem', but still keep asking and asking and asking and says no prob

the attention seeker - 'i have a problem, i have many problems actually, listen to me and listen everyday' and they keep calling u 24 hours with the same problem

the worrier - ' i think i have these problems' and still worries about them despite there really
isn't much to worry about

the no problem - ' i don't have a problem...but...' they in fact are the problems of the problem, but they do not want to face it and still keep coming to u for their problems and while taking pleasure in listening, they do no actions to take care of their problems. i wonder how they survive in the mess they are living.

the opportunistic - this i met today as well while thinking of posting this... 'i don't believe in all this la..but give me your name card, i intro to my friends and i want to earn some commission can?' problem, i don't mind as long as i can give u some help financially through my service but how can u intro to ur friends when u urself don't like astrology?? 'am a good salesman!' =_=!

last and not least, the best ones that i've met -
the positive thinker - ' i have a prob and i want to explore the solutions' , gave them, analyzed and use where necessary and very happy to have a new perspective

the one solution thinker - ' i have a prob n i want the solution' gave them, take all of it and use, and come back, anymore u left? anymore u not yet tell me? anymore details? i need to know , rice or porridge tonite depend on u! i still have many problems i not yet tell u! actually the only solution
they are looking for is the 4D numbers or lottery numbers that can once and for all solve all their problems!

what type are u? i myself is definitely the one solution thinker. ;)

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