Monday, May 3, 2010

going back to the basics

do u realize, among all the religions, teachings , communities, people and such, where ideas and perceptions plays a part in us, all the differences that segregate people into different groups and having their own morally righteous code of conduct or not, these differences are played to the point of extremes and further divide humanity away from the very core truths of natural laws? example, the differences of teachings in religions had sparked wars. the differences in opinions among ppl and communities had sparked great division and incite hatred and all the bullshits in the world. it's because of the 'differences' that had been macro and microscope on through the lenses of the extreme teachings of rights and wrongs.

why can't they focus on the sameness? ok...opposite attracts really. opposite = oppositions. and oppositions don't work well unless u r connected on a common ground/elements. what bout focusing on fundamental laws that works? natural laws that we know subconsciously which had been implanted in our natural awareness since creation that is fundamentally good and won't change? example we all know being faithful is fundamentally good compare to infidelity. we all know kindness is fundamentally good to being mean. we all know understanding or compassion is fundamentally good compare to being cruel. something like going back to the basics of goodness and create peace. or something like going back to the basis of teachings that are good?

sigh...what is oscar thinking? i think i just prefer a simple basic life dat don't have lots of dramas. u need to go tru some hell of dramas to be able to want n desire a basic life without dramas. because without that extremities, u won't know dat it's much fun with the basics.

so say no to wars and say yes to peace...and WORLD CUP SPIRIT! the only event (other than Olympics) that can stop wars and bring people together! woot! <-----world cup madness? yeah...damn i am studying more on astrology just so i can make some quick buck later for ma wish mad! talking bout this, i've got some partners in crime and is watching the schedules so we can sleep football and eat porridge or eat rice also is this time! if i don't forget to post tips, ( i might watch till i drop ), u can get some b4 hand predictions or tips here or try a professional astrology for sports! <----here go here!! it's GREAT!!! woohoo!

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