Saturday, May 29, 2010

free workshop for mystical exercise this 6th june 2-3.30pm KL

"Harnessing the power of the cosmic for health improvement." This Mystical Shengong Exercise is not religious centric, thus it is suitable to be practice by anyone regardless of race, age and ethnic. Health or even disease do not recognise your skin colour!

This exercise is so simple and easy yet not many people are aware of it because it appears so easy that you don't even believe that it will help in your health. However, unbelievable results have been experienced in just one week by those who knows.

It is suitable for anyone in any condition, most beneficial to people who are experiencing health discomfort as well. You can even do it while you are sitting, lying down (for ppl bedridden) or standing.

Learning this simple steps in an hour can change your life for the better. You can even help your friends or family members who are not feeling well right now. Just an hour and you got nothing to lose for health is irreplaceable when the clock ticks.

Highly suitable for people with blood pressure problem, heart/chest problem, sinus/migraine/flu symptoms, nerves/joint problems, kidney/pancreas/diabetes/sugar level problem, smokers/alcoholics/DRUG/pills addicts and of course, people who think they are healthy!

*Location will be let known once you confirm/register through your facebook account.

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