Tuesday, May 4, 2010

jupiter transits to pisces 2nd May 2010

oh oh oh oh yeah....what am i thinking!? someone asked in ma mail why is it that i did not come out with a post on what will happens to all the signs when jupiter transits to pisces yesterday but i wrote on world cup in digression some more! >_Narh, am not writing on it. that's because...U CAN GET ALL THOSE 'GENERAL PREDICTIONS FROM SOFTWARES' AROUND THE INTERNET BY JUST TYPING ON JUPITER TRANSIT AND EFFECTS OF IT TO ALL THE SIGNS. it's very general my friend. it wouldn't leave much impact on you as an individual. the best is to see your unique individual chart.

Where is your moon sign / janma rasi? Where is your rising sign? What house is affected? What is the house that is at the pisces sign in your individual chart? What dasa-bukti are you running? Does it involve Jupiter? What is your sub-sub? Where are the linkings to from planets, dasa bukti and the houses? Check these and you will know the effects of it to your individual chart. what is the story that will be activated? because, jupiter won't be giving everyone a good feel or good incidents thou it is a benevolent planet. your own chart and what jupiter is to u still 'wins'. if jupiter indicate a bad outcome for u, then it's not a benevolent planet to u. Got what i mean? i look at general predictions just because of the moon sign and for it's generalities. how it shape out the events for u , is from ur chart.

2ndly, if ur using fagan ayanamsa, the transit will only happen on around 8th may. if ur using lahiriah ayanamsa, it's on 2nd may. and if ur using kp ayanamsa, there are 3 settings to kp. dat's why one of ma student was confused when some temples tell him 1st, some tell him 2nd. u can't get a real date or put ur mind to peace if u want to practice ur religious rite tru temples because they celebrate big occasions on calendar days that are convenient to the masses. especially when in malaysia, other religions do not get as much holidays for the big ones and have to adjust to weekends. who wanna do a 'business' on the days most ppl (the patrons of the temples) are at work?

anyway, depend on where u come from and what ayanamsa u using, it do have some slight difference in terms of day. to me, it doesn't matter because it will go to pisces sooner or later. what matter is ur own chart and what it mean to u.

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