Saturday, May 29, 2010

fast tips to identify problem area in a vedic chart

I am excited. I know I will meet some blunders and more blunders, but i am ready for the blunders. am not so technical savvy, the best i know is type and type away. When something goes wrong, i holla to some sexy programmer to give me tips.

Anyhow, this june month is an important month for soul circles. and the months after it's going to be hectic months as well. i will have to breath soul circles, talk soul circles, eat soul circles, walk soul circles and everything soul circles. what d hell is this soul circles?'s just my small venture on astrology and healing consultations and courses thingy. but am excited. even before i have it on, there is already someone interested to join with me and dat guy is no other than one of my student who i have met only once. it sort of restore my confidence in a way, at which ideas can be turned into actions and how naivety can somewhat be noble. However, am still keeping any JV at KIV.

I am still on freelancing, so let me go tru the experience of freelancing and appreciate my maggi mee creations for supper, gardenia sandwich bread creation and home made nasi goreng when i've no calls and stay home to do my works. It is truly an experience, thou i have gone down lower than that during younger times. i want to keep my foot grounded as well as learn humility. besides, am still learning and am not a master, there's so much to learn and i can't wait to share it with ppl who are on the same mindset with me!

ok, taking this post as one of a reply to one email to me last month, the question was how to identify problem areas in a vedic chart? Hmm, i have some fast tips here. it is sort of like a quick glance. the first glance, first impression, first look.

1)when u open up and look at the chart for the first time, look as a whole. as in, look at the whole 12 houses.

2)Identify which house have the most clusters of planets together, never mind the degrees first. this will be the 'busy' area. it means, the matters in the house that it signifies will be the person most busy and challenging area. doesn't matter whether good or bad. he'll be busy with it.

3) now look at the planets combination, the fastest would be, is it a killer combination? or a good combination of mutual support? if there are 3 planets and above, look at the middle planet, what is the story it is trying to tell u?

4) look for Sa+Mo, different predictions for SaR+Mo as well, but don't worry about that, just see where issit located if there is. And if there isn't, ke+mo is the next one. and then go on with other combination.

5) Determine where the transiting planets are for the fiscal year. Is native going tru any challenging period? Look for sade sati with t.sat and natal moon.

6) confirm with Vimshottari dasa period, what is the native going to experience?

7) gochara/transits are quick ways. Vimshottari dasa is to confirm and vice versa. if u can work with this 2 way beautifully, (provided u have rectify the chart or the time of birth is accurate) then ur predictions will be very accurate.

8) next u can look at the dustana houses, and also use the universal chart as a backdrop for the dustana houses to see how it relates.

9) try not to rationalize too much and stick to your chart reading. eg: person is well to do and happy always, but u see problems at marriage house. don't rationalize, as in, couldn't be...she's can her marriage be a problem? just read as it is and stick to your chart. if u put in ur own judgement, you will never get to read a chart accurately. try separate your own judgement from the person's life and read it as it is.

and lastly,! feedback from ur customers is the best way for u to know where ur prediction skills is and where u have to improve. if u are still learning, don't be shy to admit that there are certain things u don't know how to read yet, because if u fake it, ur customer is the one that is going to be the victim of ignorance and bad advice. be humble and u will learn more from ur customers. everyone is a teacher!


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