Saturday, June 5, 2010

Soulmate - what is soulmate?

Almost every time, people wonder if the gal next door or the guy next seat is the One or not. Is dat person my soulmate? U wonder. Me n her is now in a r/ship, a marriage, in co-habiting, we've joined in soul n body (or hips literally) but still, the question is this...could he/she be my soulmate?

so b4 we go further, let us examine why is this question necessary in the first place? all human fundamental needs are the same. beside other obvious wants/needs, having found the One in love is the most fundamental one. we all need someone to love us, be there for us, clean up our lazy mess, a shoulder to cry on in private and what not. The root fundamental of this question is of course, depending on some ppl, "is she the last one am gonna spend the rest of my life with?" which is most almost equivalent to the question "is she my soulmate?" . That is actually the most basic root reason for asking about soul mate.

Everyone hopes to find true love, pure love and forever love. Some people will be happy if they haf found their soulmate. and some ppl might not be so happy because that spells the end of having a few r/ships in the lifetime. and some ppl trodding down the road with their soulmate, suddenly found the grass is greener on the other side and dump this once a soulmate for someone new after so much have been work out for. then this someone new will now be the new soulmate.

So with the way things are now, wouldn't soulmate be a very cheap word already?? Almost turning around the corners, there lies your potential soulmate. So what is soulmate? in idealistic way, soulmate is suppose to be someone that you can spend the rest of your life with. Of course, someone that gives what your soul yearns for. Someone you can go through anything together till the end. Till death do us apart. Some that pumps up your life, give your soul appeasement and mutually supporting each other from all levels. The 'no matter what happens' comes into play.

Some "laws" governing soulmate, Opposite attracts, u both argue like mad and there is not a common ground of interest, but still you feel that he is your soul mate. The sameness relates, both of u feel so right together, everything is in common from your taste of food to the ways on bed, u feel u can't be separated because of the commonness, even thinking alike and talking the same accent can drive u crazy. So much for the word and so much for commercialism, the word soul mate had been cheaply used.

so what does astrology have in store for u? is there really a soulmate reading in astrology? the answer is yes and no. It really depends on how u want to use the soulmate word and your perception. I don't really believe in soul mate or finding the one. This is because astrology have always proved to me that you are only compatible or have the synastry with someone because you happen to be at the right time at the right place, and of course, the interlinked destiny you both have together and the fruitation of karmic seeds. Some unfinished business that need to be finished or continue by this life. sometimes, you don't even know who 'owe' who first in the context of karma. but astrology can reveal how well or bad your r/ship patterns will turn out. how both of ur energy can be used or should be used to sustain the r/ship. How your actions can make the r/ship lasting or break. How both of u relate to each other emotionally and even, physically.

In vedic astrology, by accessing the moon and your partner, u can see how both relate in mind and emotion. what are the karmic cause? accessing the planets venus and mars can give an idea how the sex style appeal to each other. accessing the lagnas can see how both blend together and give each other support, who will be the receiving end and the giver or the one that need to sacrifice. accessing house by house can see what are the areas that are weak and not. And, anyone can be your soulmate. because the real context of soulmate lies within the values and not on the person and the role they play in real. it is all about how both of u relate to each other and what are the approach that u use and give your soul a sense of belonging.

but anyway, now, your best friend can also be your soul mate. and with how the world trend is turning out, your pets can be your soul mate, your private telephone friend can be your soul mate, your email pal can also be your soul mate. your fuck buddy can be your soul mate, your enemy can also be your soul mate. so what is the real context of soulmate? if life is on a constant change, shouldn't soul mate be on a change as well? of course...your soul mate can and will leave u one day. the only solace is how the memories stick and the imprints are left at your heart, and how both of u have manage the journey of love together.

soulmate, or soulmade ... made for soul? u can marry your wife now only to discover your soulmate is still living out there waiting for u. and here u have to decide whether to go for it and break up ur own family.or had it been commercialize by the love industry? the rule of thumb thou...appreciate what you have and give all ur best to this one person whom u have called soulmate b4...and let go gracefully if the time is up. astrology can only help u make a right choice by letting u know the outcome of your choices. The choices that u make reflect your maturity and wisdom in choosing for the best of all parties involved.

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