Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Homeless People in KL.

Who would have thought , with occasional highlights in the media on how our government is spending and spending to make this n that , build this n that and developing this n that, with billions spent to be one of the so called first world (with 3rd world mentality??) country, you will be forgiven if you haven't know about any other people's sufferings and other misfortunes. One of it is of course, as per topic, the homeless people right here at KL. I was asking for donations one day at my working place and one curious well to do looking woman was listening and suddenly asked, "Got homeless people in kl?? You sure? Well...I want to follow and see if it's true."

What an ugly sight that if you see it with your own eyes, you will be wondering, the next street at Jln Bukit Bintang where people party all night and also got into fight because of petty issues, here is a totally different kind of breeds, breeding in the heart of the city. You might start to wonder too, what is the government doing spending billions on the unnecessary whereas those money , or half of the billions that they spent frivolously , if it is utilized for charities or helping the people in plight who are also fellow Malaysians, will certainly cost lesser and have better appreciation.

There are a few outreach programs here in KL, notably Pertiwi, Rotary, Fungates, Street Fellowship, from the churches and of course, the loudest now that is always being featured on media, Kechara Soup Kitchen. ( So by all means, I was joining in as volunteer with Kechara and doing the rounds on every Saturday night. <--- I do skip if am tired or busy ;)

So u think ur bed is not comfy? So u think ur food is not tasty? And so u think u have no money??
The guy on the right, Mr Anthony, who came from Kulim, after a hard day work, was robbed of his income and stabbed at the stomach.He is penniless, staggering with pain and in a big depression. His family is poor and he can't afford a bus ticket back. Johnny highlight his plight back to Kechara, hope they are swift in helping him. 

Many people will always try to reason, why do they end up homeless in the first place? Must be their own fault and their own doings that they end up like that. Why should I help? I don't even have enough to feed my own! Bla bla..yada yada. Actually there are many reasons why someone will be homeless. It can also happen to anyone without warning and such. Some reasons include looking for a better  life at Kl, well u can't blame them as Kl had been painted like a place with a lot of pot golds for everyone. But not everyone is that lucky in finding their pot of golds right? 

Some of course, runaway from family, some got thrown out by family, some really asked for it , etc etc. There are young and old, all races, all patterns all behaviors. People if have a choice will not choose to be anything lower, or as the saying, will not choose to be bald if they have hair. If you say it's karma, well we don't have to add the burden to their karma. we can always help to lighten their burden right?

Most of them when we deliver their food, they are very grateful and thankful. They also praise us for being dedicated in our effort, rain or shine we will be there. However, i think i am the one that should be grateful and thankful for being given a chance to serve humanity. it's not so much bout the food, really. It's further than that. there are other feelings involved and the experience u get out of this cannot be replace by any amount of money u own. even u might be rich, but if u do not give back to society, you will feel empty and meaningless. ur money can't be brought along to the grave thou. 
And on a more lightening note, they even share the food among themselves who did not get any food. Some rejected our food when they have eaten and asked to be given to others who have not eaten. This just tells you, human basically should be caring and sharing.
Anyway, we are always short of food as more and more people are put behind by developments and made homeless. It really doesn't matter , well at this post anyway, don't reason why they are homeless for it will just give u an excuse not to help or be the righteous helper that u are. we don't reason why and how they got there. We just help whatever we can.  U might think, hey how much a RM2.50 for a pack of vegetarian rice can help? Well it can help a lot. 

U see, me n friends each of us say 10people. Each of us commit a comfortable amount of rice packet for the once a week of saturdays. say, i commit 5 packs a week = 20 packs a month. sometimes 25pack a month as some months got 5 weeks. So say 20 times RM2.50 is equivalent to RM50. But when it's collective effort, say 10 people giving 20 packs a month, that will be 200 mouths being fed a month. some will commit more, some commit less, but help in small ways lead to big ways. 

If even RM50 is too much for you, you can commit less, no obligation! You can also join in as volunteers, no problems! Every one can contribute in their own special ways as well, no problem, be it by spreading this out, or telling to others about this, share this, give your time and energy, no problem at all. 

And on one last note, kechara also needs funds on their upcoming animal sanctuary for the homeless and abused animals. So if u prefer doing something for animals, you can also get in touch with kechara or come to Wow Wow Pets at OUG ( see the facebook links for WowWowPets or click here ) to make a donation, or even mail me back to arrange.

Hmm...I wonder where are they taking their shelter when it rains...while am blogging this...

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