Monday, August 2, 2010

navagraha stotras/stotram/hymms

i remember last time when we are still a student, two of my classmates were literally 'begging' on this particular master about navagraha stotram/stothras / hymms to appease the planets that are giving the astrological chart a certain dosha. although given promises by promises, the master did not deliver on the context of nature forbids. But as i go deeper to research this thing, there's no such thing as nature forbids excuses. It's just his own selfishness to milk more dough from us.

these are part of the hinduism religious remedial prayers and have been practiced by traditional diligent hindus around the world. These stotrams are to be recited while you do the religious rites to appease the planets or at the temple. Those who wish to obtain the blessings of the Navagrahas should recite daily the following slokas that are relevant to the planets they wish to appease and will enjoy health, wealth and happiness in due time.

In sanskrit:
Krahaanaamaathiraathithye Lohkarakshanakaara
Vishamasthaana Samboothaam Peedam Harathumey Ravi

Meaning: O! Lord Surya who is the son of Atthi Devi who also sanctifies this world, please eliminate all my problems caused by your unfortunate location.

In Sanskrit
Rohineesa Suthaa Moorthi:Soothaakaathra: Soothaasana Vishamasthaana Samboothaam Peedam Harathumey Vithu

meaning:O! Lord Chandra who is the Consort of Rohini who also consumed amirtham pls removal all my problems caused by your unfortunate location

In sanskrit
Bomi Pothreeh Mahaatheehjaa Jaathaana Payakruth Sathaa
Varushti Kruth Vrushti Visharthaa Sa Peedam Harathu Meeh Keja

Meaning: O! Sevvai you are the son of Bumadevi. U have always create and dispel fear in us, you bring and obstruct the rains please remove all my obstacles

In Sanskrit
Uthpaatha Robeeh Jagathaam Santhra Puthreh Mahaathyuthi
Sorya Priyagaareh Vithvaan Peedam Harathu Meeh Butha

Meaning: O! Butha you are the son of Chandra. You are most serene. You are a scholar who propitiates Surya. Pls eradicate all my difficulties.

in sanskrit
Thevamanthree Visaalaasha: Sathaa Lohgahitheeh Ratha
Aneehgasishya Samporna: Peedam Harathu Meeh Guru

Meaning: You are the guru of the devas. with your large eyes you bestow great benefits on the world. O! Lord Guru who has many disciples, pls eliminate all my problems.

In sanskrit
Thaitthya Mantree kurutheehshaam Praanathassa Mahaamathi
Prapusthaaraa Kraharaanaam Sa Peedam Harathu Meeh Pruthu

meaning: you are the minister of the asuras who gives them life. you are a great scholar who governs the nakshatras and grahas. O! Lord Sukkiran pls eliminate all my problems.

In sankrit
Sorya Puthreeh Theerkkathehoh Visaalaaksha; Sivapriya
Manthasaara: Prasannathmaa Peedam Harathu Meeh Sanee

Meaning: O son of surya. you have an extended body and large eyes. You are a devotee of Lord Shiva, who moves slowly . O sanee who possess a clear mind pls remove my problems

In sankrit
Mahaasiraa Mahaavakthreh Thirkkathamshreey Mahaapala
Anmthanussohrthva Kesa Issa Peedam Harathu Meeh Thama

Meaning: O rahu who has a big head, a large mouth, protruding teeth and an upward facing body and without a physical body, pls remove my problems

KetuIn sankrit
Aaneehga Pobarnaissa Sathasohtheeh Sahasra Sa
Uthpaatha Robe Jagathaam Peedam Harathu Meeh Sagee

Meaning: O Ketu you have many forms and colurs pls remove my problems.

U can choose to recite it every time you are making a prayer everyday. Or you can choose to only recite a certain planet's hymn that is giving you the dosha. You can choose to not perform these when you have no major doshas, and you CANNOT neglect your prayers to God in replacement of this because this is 2 different thing.
However, pls be reminded that God helps those who helps themselves. This remedial puja will only help you to a certain extent.
And lastly, it does not matter if you really pronounce wrongly, as long as you know the meaning of it. Don't so stress up bout it. But your offerings must be accompanied with a sincere heart and mind. Then this will make it more worthwhile. ( because if there are so many remedies for all kind of doshas...why create doshas in the first place? think about it...u are the cause of the doshas and from you , your action and mind is the best remedy to get out of it. )

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