Sunday, August 29, 2010

career identity crisis?

Ask me what I do, and the chances are, I look at you blankly for a few seconds before I decide what I want to tell you am doing. am tempted to answer 'complicated', but it's a big no-no. So what if i answer "everything" or a "lot?" We might have to sit one whole day talking about it or you will run off saying chei...another sales people!! 

However, I do enjoy the variety of "works" am doing and learning, and I think the one whole umbrella of category that suits me would be 'consultancy' . I think so.. I so wanna think so because right now am always being asked Questions and i have to come up ready with Answers. Just that the topics are a varieties.

Anyway, I came to know of someone with super multiple stream of incomes. It is so cool because it works for him. It's not cool if it don't works for u. but that's what I had been thinking of doing since young, and I guess by next year I'll have more things to do..and more..and more.

So what do u do oscar? Errrr.....lots of things. what do u need?? or what do u can't see that u need?? even wants maybe?? I'll be of service to you, and I guarantee you ...

"All aspects of life covered, Life changing results"  :)

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