Sunday, August 29, 2010

upcoming penang trip again! 4th Sept-6th Sept

Yay...going to penang again this coming 4th Sept and going back to kl on the 6th. It is for astrology purpose and if you are in Penang, you can call me to arrange appointment for an astrology reading.
This time is a continuation of seeing some new age shops there, visiting traditional fortune telling as well, see some setups if there is any proper setups for me to see...and check out how astrologers from temples esp for vedic astrology do their predictions. And of course...I so wish to step into the temple this time. Or else next round, it'll be only temples visiting as am having the urge to do it. Anyone can be my free unofficial tour guide? hehehe...seeing is better than hearing, I so wish to have a reading from someone else as well that can accurately predict my stuffs. So far, none I met are really accurate. I guess am seeing the wrong people. I also have lots of questions to ask ma...let me be customers once in a while! 

Most of the ppl I know had been telling me most of the astrologers for vedic are not that accurate. I reckon it must be timezone problems and the lack of understanding on how our malaysian timing works. My next trip hopefully in october will be johor for the same purpose.  

Yummy...the food...salivating already...

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