Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fine if you die early, but what if you don't???

People with money get very paranoid. People with no money get even very paranoid. Why? People with money is very afraid that their wealth will make a u-turn. They will do anything to preserve their money. People with no money either recline to their own fate or get very paranoid thinking of how to find more money. Everybody loves money. Even if you don't loves it to the point of obsession (which is very unhealthy of course!) , you need money. Most problems are not a problem if it can be solved with money. Raise your hands or point your fingers on who doesn't love and need money. Even monks and swami and yogi and nuns need money to run their works.

People who wants to shadow their mediocre attitude in working to find more money usually comes up with phrases like "money is the root cause of all evil" or i love a simple life and i don't need money. But we all know money is just a tool and the user is the one that makes a good or bad or evil causes with it. So stop pretending that you don't want to get more money. Even mentally retarded person knows the use of money whom i have seen with my own eyes.

Good if you have saved early and still making money. But 90% of all the people you might know is not having any savings nor the means. So what to do? Start changing old ways that don't work and start taking a serious note on your own financial sheet. No one can help you in that for only you have to do the realization yourself. Astrology only depicts your pattern and attitude towards money. It can also predict your high cycle in finding money and your low cycle, your wealth and etc. But what is the point for you to come back here and see it...oh...that's me, am poor, am DESTINED to be poor and live with it? You come back to change what you don't like and mend the wrongs. So if you have a lazy attitude and not gearing up your mindset to change, the astrology predictions will just be factual. Astrology can point you to the right direction and what you can do with it. But are you willing to listen instead of just hearing for fun?

Poor you are and you are poor. And stop lamenting why your chart isn't a millionaire chart and then go compare with others. What have you been doing to make a better life for yourself? Have you put in efforts and have the desire to put in the works required to alter it? Don't mind the circumstances. It is there for you to change. If you can't change the circumstances, change yourself and you can get away from it. Sheesh...stop chasing your astrologer asking when will the next pot of gold drop on your lap and then you shake your leg and wait. I also scared to give you predictions if like this because it makes you even lazier.

Some are reclined to fate and says oh well...this is me so be it. Great. Fine if you die early with no one depending on you. You don't have to trouble other people much longer. Even your funeral cost is bear by others. You leave nothing to your next generation except bills. But what if you don't? Can you guarantee you will have a healthy long life? Won't fall sick and won't have any extra misc expenditure? And this is only the beginning of your life straight up to the end, the middle process of it have been left out.

Wake up buddy, if you come to me for astrology, i don't tell things you want to hear so much or sooth saying that oh you are great, doing fine, this and that. find a soothsayer instead. am as realistic as you and i don't use fantasies. hate me or loathe me. Some things you don't even need astrology to point out. You just need a brain. You already know and yet you want to ask for the sake of asking and ask a million times. What's the point of basking in past glory or even thinking about the past when the time you use to ask the same questions is better be use for something better? your future is in the now. what u do now shape your future. Wake up! If you live up to 60-70 years old, how many years from your age now can you still work and find money with your able body? How much do you need to find or save to just maintain your own lifestyle now? Factor in with inflation as well. I came to the calculations of roughly 3-4 million and this is an understatement. so either ship out to the cave or shape up to seriously think of this.

It's not even what number you should wear on your neck that'll enhance your luck, what name i should change, what colur suits me (if i said pink, are u going to wear pink from head to toes???), what direction my wealth come from so i can open my arms wide and embrace it bla bla's attitude first hand. when you have the right attitude, the universe will open to you and when opportunities come knocking, you'll hear it. without the right attitude, even if the gongs is right outside your door, you will be so lazy to open the door because you are sleeping.

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