Tuesday, October 5, 2010

multiple stream of income

got an email enquiry about multiple stream of income and how do u see it. most of the ppl nowadays, don't work for only one source of income unless that source is highly paid. but most will know that having a job is not a long term solution to financial woes and sustainability. because ur destiny , emotion, dreams, what car u drive or what house u own, what food u eat, depends on ur labour, skills, knowledge and time and under ur boss's hand. imagine if one day for whatever reason ur this one source of income is no longer available, u'll just be 3 months away to bankruptcy. how can u afford to just work for money instead of letting money work for u?

and seeing there are a lot of sources/side line/freelance/ investment opportunities etc out there, having a multiple stream of income is not hard. seeing from astrology is not hard either. Beside the normal 10th and 5th for career and business, you can look at if this two house is on a dual sign or not. Take a notice at the 8th house too for other resources. What is the planet influencing it and assess the chart as a whole.

Basically, 1st house to assess the person's attitude/character,motivation and attitude towards money

2nd house to assess attitude towards money,  money handling, financial patterns and money flow/durability, food and beverage related, etc

3rd house to assess appetite for risk taking, courage, documents/agreements etc. This house need careful assessment and if best assessment from other supporting houses as well, because ppl with 3rd house active range from lawyers, real estate agents, investors, stocks investors, media people, reporters, journalists/writers, publisher/publishing line up to car agents, bloggers, internet related works, telco and communications and etc. 

4th- earning from properties from own stay, home base business, and what other planets influence is also significant, and what is the lying fundamental motivation and works he's happy with

5th- business and investment, hobby base works, speculations, high fast risk like gambling etc

6th- service industry, food related,maid/foreign worker related, debt collectors, medical or medicines, pet industry, caregiver, nursing etc and whether he is a good customer service provider or assess attitude towards service / after sales service, government servant

7th - people's business or related with people skills, partnerships, matrimonial related eg wedding planners, PR marketing, brand builders

8th - sex related industry, financial industry, big companies, religious industry, law related, whether as lawyer or something that defied the law and going about the loopholes/legalities/crimes, freelance/commission base, agents, multiple abilities/flexibilities in doing works etc

9th - education related , can be teacher, educators, speakers, trainers, server of knowledge, tourism, religions, travel guide, dissecting knowledge and teaching etc

10th - his vision, whether as visionary or is not a planner, career builders, helping ppl to find job, government provider/work closely with government, politicians, constructions related etc

11th - beside the usual whether his stream of income is profitable or not, this house can also assess what type of associates he have, problematic or no, and also related to whether he have powerful backup/associates to help him or not

12th - planners, organisers, behind the scene works, doctors, medical providers or related industry, charity related, caregivers/nursing, hospital, graveyard, research works, crimes etc

So let's assess the houses first and see how the planets colur the house as well, and you will know what sort of income you can go for that will give u the least resistance to success....

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