Friday, December 10, 2010

Reiki Course

Sorry had been posting very few updates lately because of being tied down with works. Here are the pictures of the lately concluded Reiki level 1 course. Will announce when new classes begins again. ;)

This class went very well with participants learning about Reiki from Teacher Master LC Seow. After an hour of 'lectures', we had a short break to yummy cakes and drinks. And then we continue again to the foundations of Reiki and we went for a lunch break. One of the participants was really lively and had 2-3 rounds of food during lunch! Cracking with laughter and jokes, later we went back to complete the attunement and voila...all participants receive their certificates and are now Reiki Healer! May they find joy and happiness with Reiki and be protected and blessed always. Now waiting for Level 2!

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