Thursday, March 3, 2011

Receiving initiation from our Teacher Master LC Seow

Receiving initiation from a Master that is selfless and sincere in the service of Reiki is truly a blessing. May these new healers find peace, health and abundance manifesting to their heart's desire for the rest of their life and help heal the world at a faster pace, beginning from themselves!
Reiki is a healing energy that is subtle yet powerful. We don't just heal on the physical side as this will not be a wholesome healing. Dis-ease happen right from the outer layers of our aura level and with the negativity we encounter each day, it is essential to have our own ways to neutralize or balanced up our own life. Reiki is one of the way where you can find the balance, restore your energy level and use it to help enhance what you desire in life. It can also be use to draw abundance into your life and attract and manifest what is essential to your life for your soul growth within your karmic boundaries. However, it is not religious centric, yet enhance your own faith and believe system in your own practice of religion or spirituality. Get yourself involve in the journey of searching for your self inner peace, joy and  happiness right now. We'll be having our next beginner and level 2 courses in March 2011.

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