Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is Reiki and what does it do?

I am currently abuzz with people enquiring about the Reiki course that I keep promoting and what does it do. Sometimes I did not explain as properly as I wanted, which is because it can do a lot of things and sometimes if I were to explain, I don't know if you would be thinking that I am from another planet or am just out of my mind. However, Reiki do works wonders out of this world. First and foremost, I really wanna thanks our participants for giving me the support...some rather just give me "face" (hahahha) because I keep cornering them back to the course , and some who have done their own research, knows what Reiki is about and decided to join us, without even checking if the course is of due benefits to them or is it conducted by some hocus pocus master.

2ndly, when I really ask you to join the course, it is because I do really feel that you really need this and it will help you in your situations in the long run. I am not making a fast buck, although I really enjoy pulling people to the courses and try to rush puling more people when the due time is near. I can make more in an hour or two astrology consultation and divination systems, or  make much more when I close a deal in real estate. So this is plainly a joy and passion that I wish I have more time to share with you later. However, if you find me pulling you non-stop and talking about it, you should be aware that it is not "me" talking. It is probably your guardian angel using me as a medium to convey the message to you. (see, told you that you will be thinking something else of me)

So basically the outlines are very simple. Reiki is a form of energy healing that comes from the divine source and it can help you to smoothen up your journeys and hiccups in life, give you a positive flow of mind, heals you physically, mentally and spiritually, and it helps in bringing you to your goals and manifestations at a faster pace.  It is not religion base, however it has universal truths that surpass all fundamentals of religions. Through Reiki, it enforces  your faith in your religions, the trust and faith of angels doing their missions and protecting you from harm, and life itself as abundance.

Once you become attuned with Reiki, you can first and foremost, help yourself which equates to loving yourself. Then you start benefiting others, and then the world. You can administer Reiki to your loved ones, your friends, your pets, strangers, people / animal in need of help and other things that we will teach you in the course.

In as general as possible, these situations will help you to identify how to use Reiki or how it can help you
1) Better relationships with people
2) Help in relationships issues i.e marriage problems, love problems, arguments, root cause of issues etc
3) Help in career advancement, personal goals, manifestations of wealth and abundance
4) Heal sickness, dis-ease and physical discomfort
5) Strengthen your will power, belief system and trust in Universe/God
6) Protection against negativeness from people, spirit and environment

Humbly, we give the best quality that we are able to in terms of our training environment, training materials that are relevant and straight forward and we keep to the minimum costs as much as possible so that people who really need Reiki will not be turned off by the superlatives charges like what others are doing. True, some others will give you training that are more better and it will always be different. But we choose to teach Reiki where it will in turn be functional, simple for you to use and discover more in the long run, where the essence of the Reiki spirit is kept and the subtle powerful energy of it is felt and usable, even with Air-Asia price.

This is a commitment to keep it as affordable as possible, without compromising on the quality. This is what our Master Teacher LC Seow has said and it will always be, simply because we want to benefit as much people as possible, for body, mind and spirit.    

"staring blankly at the screen" . so please come?? I need 2 more people to bring the costs down for reiki level 1!!!


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