Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love energy for 2012

Year 2011 is coming to an end and I am looking forward to 2012. This year is quite an eventful year, be it on the career part for me or personal part. I am definitely looking forward to 2012, simply because it is going to be a year of change. I am also waiting eagerly for GE to exercise that voting right. It is not the country that I do not love, it is merely an exercise that I feel I should partake every time because of the power it can bring and the liberation it could do to change the lives of many. Most do not see what I see in politics and law making in the country as these might not be their cup of tea. But I merely see it as something that can affect a lot of people lives whether you like it or not. And what the best I can do is just going to the voting booth and make a difference .It might not be a big thing, but the sense of doing it makes it good to feel.

Coming up to 2012, I guess it will be another eventful year. Much more so if you are awaken to the energies it will bring. As the clock ticks and the alignment of the planets are moving, we are still at the healing stage at the last sign of the "houses". (I will omit all astrology language and try to write a more decent post :P ) Many people will go through a renewal of some kind, be it on the lower level or a higher level. You will definitely lose a lot of things you once treasured, even some belief systems that you hold on to , your perspectives and your senses that no longer serve you the purpose. Even people, relationships and such that are a baggage to you, will be slowly but surely pulled away from you. Don't ask how, but the universe indeed have a good way to do it for you. However, you will not "suffer" more than you can take at your level, just enough for the essential lesson that you need for your soul growth.

Love energy taking the front
As how one of my dearest enlightened friend put it, love energies are not confined only to the lovey dovey kind of love in relationships only. Love is love when it is put upon unconditionally to every living beings including animals. It will serve more of its purpose if put unconditionally to even people who can't repay you or you not expecting any kind of rewards. Love is what make it works if you put in unconditionally with passion as well. The energy is of pure white light and it will definitely wash your negativity out, bring you a new sense of belonging, make you compassionate and give you many other miracles.

The first step you need to do is to really just open up your heart and mind, to remove all the past hurt and embrace healing, and love yourself first. This first step is very important simply because if you do not love yourself, you will never recognize true love when it come knocking at your door. Love of yourself being equal to loving your Maker, simply because He made you with a purpose and you are not a "waste of product".
Everyone in the whole world serve a purpose in life. No matter how small or insignificant you think, you are actually making a difference everyday, even to your own family and friends.    

Loving yourself does not equal to the point of narcissistic or ego centrism. Ego is a big illusion that many people falls trap on. No one is going to escape this as long as we are breathing. However, moderation and balance is a must. Wisdom from experience will guide you, however, the most we must try to achieve is to shed our ego. Whatever we do must come from love and the love of doing it, and the love of doing it knowing consciously that what we are doing and want to do will give the same love and results for the benefits of many. When we can serve on a level where it will benefit others on a bigger scale, ego no longer works. Ego are actually the downfall of many self right organizations, the cause of separations, the reasons for discrimination against colors, creed and religions,and the defeater of grand purposes. Only love can conquer all these obstacles stemming from Ego.

2012, the world is at a healing stage. You will see before your eyes collapsing of unnecessary systems, issues that no longer serve the time of man and healing for many nations and the awakening of consciousness for many. Corrections for markets and pavement for more distribution of wealth in more fairness will slowly and surely start to take shape. Do not be fixed at this point but to move on with the changes, else it will be dramatic because you do not let go of the past, and still stays there. The only way to move to a higher dimension and level of consciousness is now embracing this love energy sweeping the whole universe come 2012.


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