Friday, February 17, 2012

First glance prediction for vedic astrology chart

Dear visitors,
Many of you would have visited my site based on the utmost urgent keywords you typed in search of astrology predictions. Some of you would have your own chart ready because of doing some self study. For those of you who don't have it, it's high time you get one printed out using free software that are abound on the internet. This is because when I put in stuffs like this, you will need to refer back to your own chart to verify.
Today I am in the urge to help in giving you some first glance prediction of your chart based on all the keywords that was searched on.

First glance prediction to me is when you open your birth chart, you will be able to quickly spot all the urgent issues in the chart that need to be tackled. You will then know whether you should need help or you will get to understand faster what's the problem that's on hand.

So let's just say you have not met the person, or the person is you. Great. Now get on your chart and look at the chart on the whole. All the twelve houses at one glance. Note:

a) which houses have the most planets in that one particular house? rule of thumb, more than 3 and above is consider a lot

b) what house does that present in your areas? example house of romance, full of planets, especially conflicting planets.

c) what are the rajayogas present? Check : Ruler of house 1,4,7,10 interplaying with ruler of house 1,5 and 9

d) Any transitting Saturn at natal moon and at lagna?

e) Any transitting or Natal Saturn and Moon sitting together with natal Ketu?
 exceptions of ketu in house    1) spiritual person / self doubt /self depreciating
                                              2) money mismanagement / love to utter foul language
                                              3) documentations problems/rude communication
                                              4) long term unhappiness/never satisfied/no motherly love to/from
                                              5) destructive behaviour in romance esp addiction to love for love
                                              6) hardship from lower servants including pets, and loss of job                                               7) marriage problem / partnership in biz prob
                                              8) accidents
                                              9) father death with native not able to meet for one last time / don't believe in
                                              10) road to being a millionaire
                                              11) poisonous friends
                                              12) hospitalisation and mental deranged / black negative force if saturn is

If you find these consistent in your chart from the above points, then you need to look further into the areas and how it will effect you. Sometimes these issues will manifest through your body/physical side.

Check :
Body parts according to the houses keywords and compare to your own body. Any signs of changes with moles/birthmarks? Sun+Mer or Sun+ke or Ma+Ke, Ma+Me combinations plus either Ke or Ma with Sun+Me will give you surgery marks. Don't have yet? Check the transit and your dasha bukti. Plus if Sade Sati is in from no (d) above, then be extra careful if you have these signs. You will need to do a body checkup and also be prepared for some surgery that will leave the marks for you.

Next up when am free, fun parts with medical astrology and how to see how tall or how fat/slim or the physical appearance of a person is before you even  met him/her at one glance from the chart. 

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