Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recently concluded class for Reiki Level 1 2012 on 18th March 2012


The recently concluded Reiki Level 1 class/workshop was awesome. Simply awesome because Master Kon Khen Kong (Reiki Tarot Master as well) who had been there helping to translate the course for the Mandarin participants, managed to capture some good photos on the energy waves of Reiki. This is because energy is hard to see with naked eyes, hence through cameras/videos only can you capture the moment. Awesome! Am so obsessed now with the pictures, because I love to see stuffs like this on pictures and I won't stop staring at it for a long long time. 

These orbs are not there in such a co-incidence timing. These orbs could be and should be Reiki ascended masters or guardian angels of this universal life force energy , descending to make sure the attunement process is protected and it is a sacred moment for the participants. 

Some feedback from the participants are, some of them feel cold, some of them feel a lift off their bodily aches, some feel like bursting into laughter, and some feel a tinge of warmness. Whatever it is, changes happen. And they are now set off to a new discovery about themselves and hopefully, they will be able to understand energy works further and be able to create new realities for themselves. 

Some tried to ask if there's any special message after the attunement. There are some messages for certain participants, but these batch are mostly  affected in areas that include stress, relationships and financial matters. I only sensed three skeptics, but these three skeptics are sporting enough to try.With this I thank you for giving yourself and these energy works stuffs a chance to serve your highest good. If I see you again for level 2, I will definitely reveal more if there are more messages. However, the most important first step is to do the cleansing first. And let your mind be more clear. Then you will be able to understand what message I was saying to you during the attunement.

For more pictures, please go to www.facebook.com/SoulCircles. It's all there. 
For our next course, it will be annouce soon. Direct all enquiries to o_scarlai@yahoo.com. And check out www.thesoulcircles.net for more information and free downloads at the library for your own usage. 
I will wait for you!



  1. Oscar, Congratulation of the class so good.
    Please list down attendance list / name list who had getting reiki level 1 cert. than there can be a part of this blog.
    thank you.

  2. hmm, okay i will edit the post. hope the participants don't mind listing up their names in terms of privacy. should they see it and request to remove, pls email to o_scarlai@yahoo.com

  3. Thanks for sharing such a good knowledge