Friday, March 30, 2012

Emotional cleansing and the works in it, generally.

What is emotional cleansing? Many energy healers might lump sum this as an understanding of clearing out any negative emotions that does not serve the highest good or purpose of our true self. Many would also bring together a whole lump sum of emotional tools to clearly bath away a client or their own emotional cleansing routine. However, how many of these are really effective? The most effective would probably be a temporary relief, where you bath in splendid colours, you clear the auras, you clear this and that and bring in the light. But it is only temporary measurement. How many would have slipped back to the same emotional state after some time?

In order to clearly clear out these negative energies, you have to clear from the root cause. What are the meanings of these emotions that you have put or intended them to be? Example, happiness to person A is not the same as it is to B. So what are the meanings? You will have to find out. It's just the beginning of finding out the root cause and the belief systems of a person. How does these emotions come in? Where do they come from? Why do they keep coming back?

If you are you whom is created from a blue print of the Higher Source, clearly these emotions are also given to you to protect you, no matter in our dualism world, what you term as positive or negative, however positive or negative it is, it is clearly a part of you. Why do they keep coming back no matter how you try to control or suppress it?

You will need to understand what is a conditioned feeling and what is a true feeling. A conditioned feeling is shaped out of environment, experience and the reality that you are in. A true feeling is what usually without suppression, calculated move or something felt from your Higher Self. Example, from childhood time, you might go through a very difficult time in expressing yourself. It could stem from past life traumas carry on here and you try to suppress it , which means keep it buried deep down and the only way for you to seal this feeling off is to keep yourself from talking. You might stammer or you might have speech block, in order to keep yourself safe from the pressure of expressing yourself, using this method to seal things off. 

In the long run, when you have learned so well to seal the feelings off, these become a conditioned feeling and not your true feeling. You learned how to build a protective wall, a mask, a shield, a block, or a mental block or whatever it is that no one knows, deep down. And when along the way, you got triggered by some situations, interactions or relationships, and in these situations or environment you draw the meaning of the conditions to the deep down buried feelings that you have sealed off, you fell back to where you came from. Example depression. The pattern keep repeating, when you fell, the most convenient way is to replace it with say depression/unhappiness/suicidal thoughts etc. Which is because you have kept it conveniently deep down for you to draw on, that it keep you safe in the escape route, that it had become natural.

Same goes with situation/environment, you fell back to the same situation/concept of an event in a different form, yet you conveniently draw back the meaning to it and you goes back to feeling the same thing over and over again. Hence that is what I would say, "you never learn".  These conditions can stem from a lifetime of belief systems input to you by anyone and everyone in your life. You asked for the answers, they gave you, you believe it to be the only way, you put it in your chest, and then you draw it out when you face the same thing, and next thing you know, that's the only way you associate those negative emotions with whenever you face the same situation again. You are trapped in the same pattern over and over.

Hence that is why, when we do energy works, it's not a one time two time thing that once you did, it gets better. It is a series of consultations, assessments, sussing, and finding out the root cause, replace belief systems with newer energies, change meaning and associations,keep drawing buried emotions and replace it with a set of new emotions/energies, and whenever these steps of healing are done, you or the client will have all sort of emotions coming to the surface and experience them again until they fade away. You will have to acknowledge these feelings exist, it's time to let them go and seal them off again. They can make a comeback, depending how strong willed are you to change the association, but at most through energy works, it helps to draw them out faster and release it back to the universe. You may cry, you may feel depressed again and again, you may release it in the form of anger, or even, be releasing it in the form of sexual energy etc, but it will get lesser and lesser and that is a form of cleansing and removal.

Cutting cords, links, hooks, ties, bonds and connections from past events, people, relationships and feelings are of utmost important. And when the healer have done the healing, it is also important to severe the energetic karmic link between the healer and the client. It's a series of these, cleansing, repairing the auric field etc, and the most important person is the one being heal. The mental state of the client have to be aligned with what you are doing and is willing to change and put in the positive thoughts. Thus mutual understanding is very important here.

Each individual needs will be different and the level of healing they require is also different. Of course the intelligent energy and the Masters will be able to correct and oversee the process and give the healing for their highest good at the ethereal level. However, if you can understand and check where these causes are, you will be able to intent more precisely and have faster result in terms of being able to educate your client and give them the info they need so that they can work on it together with you. 

So what good is emotional cleansing? The most important thing an emotional cleansing can give you is to move on from bad experience or traumatic issue. It gathers back a part of your spirit that is attached to that emotion/situation/environment etc and recollect back a part of your soul to your Higher Self so that you will be wholesome again. An emotional cleansing can also help you to close a chapter of your life that is no longer doing you any good by replaying the emotions inside you over and over again and make your life redundant. It helps tremendously in finding back yourself, loving yourself, forgive yourself and simply embrace love, joy and happiness again. You stop karmic links and unnecessary burdens. And lastly, your own perspective change and lessons learned.

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