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Healing of the Inner Child

When we say or talk about Inner Child, is it really what we are truly referring to? The child within you? Is it just an illusion? Or is it just a convenient way to replace a psychological term? Inner Child to me is when your biological age and condition and environment does not get aligned with your True Self. You have been growing and growing and yet, you left a part of you died along the way. Not because that it is suppose to die, but you suppress it and not letting it grow together with you. 
Hence when something happen, you fall back to your inner child but yet, your child do not know how or what to do in order to protect you. This is because you never let it grow up with you in the first place. However, it is also the most comforting and protective side as you fall to it because of the innocence and child like pure qualities that was what and who you are at the first place. No worries, no trust issues, no fear, get all these from the materialistic world as you grow up. 
How do you then, want to heal your inner child? Where do you search? What do you do? How do you check if there's anything that's not yet healed if there's any?
The Inner Child refers to your emotional body. Carl Jung called it the 'Divine Child'. Emmet Fox called it the 'Wonder Child'. Charles Whitfield called it the 'Child Within'. Some psychotherapists call it the 'True Self'. Our personalities emerge as a result of our genetic code, DNA, or inherited characteristics, and the environment in which we experience. Childhood is dictated by those who raise us and often causes scars that will take years to heal. For the most part, our issues go back to childhood and what impacted on our emotional and physical bodies at that time. The inner child remains with us all of our lives. We are all children at heart, innocently searching for our meaning in life.
Inner Child Types (a few variant)

The Playful Child
That self that is naturally playful, creative, spontaneous and fun loving child. This self longs to play. Many of us have forgotten how to do this without guilt or anxiety that as adults we must be doing something that is worthwhile.

The Spoiled Child
That part of us wants what they want and they want it now, and if they don't get what they want, they throw temper tantrums.

The Neglected Child
The child self that was always left alone without much nurturing and love. They don't believe they are lovable or worthwhile. They don't know how to love. They are depressed and want to cry.

The Abandoned Child
This child self has been left in some way like divorce or adoption or just left because the parents were kept busy working. They are always fearful that they will be abandoned again and again. This part of the self is starving for extra attention and reassurance that they are safe and okay. This self is very lonely.

The Fearful Child
This part has been overly criticized when they were small. Now they are anxious and are in panic much of the time. They need lots of encouragement and positive affirmations.

The Unbonded Child
This Inner Child never learns to be close to anyone. They are isolated. Intimacy feels alien and scary. Trust is a basic issue.

The Discounted Child
This is a part of the self that was ignored and treated as though they did not exist. They don't believe in themselves and need lots of love to assist and support them.

The Spiritual Child
This part of the self searches for answers from higher realms. The final result of healing the Inner Child - is balance within Oneself and being able to give and receive LOVE.
Why is healing of the inner child important? In a way, it frees you from bondages. You will have a safe space to fall, to throw tantrums, to let out your frustation, to get child like qualities without bondages from discrimination, prejudgments and  etc. You are free from fear, the fear of trying, you let your inner child guide you, to ask, and ask without fear. You can shout , you can beg like a child to get what you wanted in life without other kind of thoughts that pull you back down again. You get a new rebirth. Reborn. Again. You explore and see the world again, with a curiosity like a child. But you will have to heal it first so that it is aligned with your heart creation. Your desires. You have neglected it a long time, that you forgot how to ask like a child, how to be happy, you've forgotten true love, you have an absence and lack of love, and thus, you will need to feed your Inner Child with love again. Bring the gap closer, and tell yourself that. Let it come out and play. The stage is yours. 
How to do it?  
If you are not attuned with any healing energy modules, the works is less intense and it takes a longer time. But the most easiest will be doing some meditation, get down dirty with nature, bare your feet and walk on the beach, try something new and you never know you would do it, go traveling, explore all and everything possible that makes you happy. Challenge yourself to do the unthinkable. Whatever it is, try it without reservations. Revisit your childhood, forgive every stage, every year, every people, and move on. Let it all out, shout if you have to, let the negative energies out and transfer back to the universe. Example, throw all the clutters and stuffs you don't need, or go to the beach and throw rocks out to the sea with visualization of throwing out all the anger, disappointment etc transfered to the rock and shout it out. Let your inner child come out and play, as you heal it with love, it will get closer to you and guide you with much love and pure energies.

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