Monday, April 2, 2012

Confession of a Perfectionist

Itsy bitsy teenie weenie dots, blackie darkish purplish yellowish stains, argh...dirty, slimey, smelly, bluey spots...warrrgh! not perfect am not, am just a perfectionist. Who want to perfect the art of perfection, precision and accuracy, beauty and neatness, dang!!! If all these fails, am tearing and toring all down, build and rebuild, write and rewrite and go to the extreme of pulling everything down. Crumble, here you go! Arh...rebuild and rewrite with perfection. Not a single dot. But hey...what's this??!! A DOT!! nooo...biaatch..u stick, don't u? I  need that Jip! Hand sanitizer is my best friend. Binoculars are my next. What bout magnifying glass? Dude that's so old school.

Perfect is not a destination, it's just an obsession. An obsession that either makes you so good at what you are doing, or make it worst that you can't move on and down with tiny details that does not matter. But what happens when your LIFE itself, you think it's not perfect? Live on, throw your obsession out. It's not meant to be perfect, it's only the state of mind. It's that easily said but hard to do when you are obsessed with how dirty it is.

The Universe will provide........!! There are always reasons something happen and it's all for the good...! Tell that to a perfectionist and they will look at you sideway and start doubting. What the fish you just said?? It's suppose to be like this and this and this u know? Geee...give up. Roll on your bed and send them white flowers. They love white. Without the torns. The dirt. And it's neutral. You know...those things? *scratch my skin, it's not this colur*

Oh man...chill. Your Virgo child sucks. 

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