Thursday, September 27, 2012

The language of compassion

Mahayana Theravada Vajrayana
Christian Buddhist Muslim Hindu
Malay Chinese Indian Eurasion
Malaysian Japanese American African
White man Black man Yellow man Brown man
Homosexuals, Bisexuals, Straight or bend
and so on and so forth
as you like.

What does it matter?

The language of compassion
is the language of the heart!

When the heart speaks
A thousand flowers bloom
And love flows
like the morning sun
streaming through the window.

No words are needed
a look, a touch,
will suffice
to say
what a thousand words could not.

And Compassion glows
like the radiant star
in the night sky.

Barriers crumble
prejudices flounder
Supremacy regained
Love & Compassion
vanquishing all fears and misgivings
healing wounds

With folded hands
to Visu

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