Monday, November 5, 2012

Upcoming Reiki Course in December 2012 - super quick update!

Have been busy lately attending to..real life stuffs my friends! So just a quick note, yes, heard you all and got your calls on Reiki classes. Yes...hopefully, I'll be doing a Reiki course for level 1 and 2 soon coming December, please keep your first week of December month free as I am aiming to have the last classes of the year in KL and finger crossed, at Penang again this December month. Please send me an email or visit to subscribe to my email so that I can inform you of the next class.

Been doing some changes lately to the course materials.(including my other courses) Revamping it to be more relevant to more people. And yes, am rolling in online attunement for Reiki and also queuing the attunement on email on trial basis. Packing you more stuffs and help you to have Reiki at a more and more convenient and comfortable place. All this will be possible by next year so that I can bring Reiki closer to you at homes, especially if you have mobility problems or transportation problems. However, it is still being fine-tuned so please be patient! (I am fussy...sorry)

Talking about revamp, Reiki Master Level will now be on a one to one basis or by request, or if there are 5 students in a group, then I will consider having it in a seminar form. Other than that, keep finger cross for next year alright! But just get yourself ready now for Reiki Level 1 and 2 for first week of December. There'll be no more separate Level 1 and 2 now, because I am really on a tight schedule. I only do 2 levels same day now, for as long as I am busy.

So it's Christmas month alright, December December December December. Okay I will throw in some goodies for this last class of the year. I hear you. So email me your interest will you? Thank you! --->  For all FAQ before you write to me, visit  and

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