Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Updating my blog..read me if u free :)

I am present but am not present...I was busy but I was not busy...I just did not update the blog as frequently as I wished I did due to works. I was all over the place these few months. 

So people was saying, this is a spiritual blog for spiritual readers! Why are you who are not spiritual staying on this blog? :D That's from some comments I received. Actually to me, everyone including animals can be spiritual. It is just at which and what degree maybe, if that's the correct way to put it. Everyone have different progress and ways in their own spiritual journey. So it's not a racing game. It's how you manage to evolve from your daily works and what insights you have that leads you progressively onto your spiritual journey.  Some people do not need religion to be spiritual. What's spiritual anyway? Does that mean having a 3 hour session of yoga makes you completely spiritual for that 3 hour? (better than nothing I assume) 

Or you know..fighting over religion / jihad makes you a spiritualist? I don't think so. I have never seen God..really, but I believe that God is present, and He could or will be crying over spilt milk on why He created such human in the first place. As in human who kills humankind. Or practically kills around >_<.  Spirituality to me is doing something that completely makes you at ease, comfortable, peaceful, happy and your soul feel joy as it connects you to a higher level of mental peacefulness, elevate your senses and be more aware of yourself, what you need, what your body need and what your mind need and fully nourished at soul level doing that something, including being able to connect with your Higher Self, your higher source and even, with beautiful angelic realms or energies making a presence and with these you progress to make yourself, your surrounding and environment more peaceful, tranquil and happy to be in.  I can even be camping or having a picnic everyday by a big big big beautifully landscaped house garden if that makes me spiritualy happy *dreaming already*

Your experience, your journey, what choices you make or even not make, is sometimes predestined and with an ounce of free will you can change something, change the consequence or situation that you can control. If it's not, let it be and let nature takes it course. Afterall, every single events big or small is already a living horoscopy, all have lessons to unfold to your very naked eyes. Every single turn you make can become fruitation of something higher, something in between or behind for you to learn. So you see, no experience is a loss experience, or would it be difficult for you to handle. The magnitude of the consequence that you need to handle will be something that on soul level, what you can handle. The only worst case scenario is you might face death. What's the worst that you can face if nothing else is an issue and you got nothing to lose to just, GIVE IT A TRY? GIVE IT ANOTHER PUSH? Even death is not an issue if you have lived it fully without regret and everyone need to die once. So what's stopping you from going all out to achieve your dreams? Afterall, life on the human realm is really short compare to other realms that live eons. 

Pheew, there are some stuffs I want to touch on, but on second thought, I don't want to participate in such low class doings of the party concerned and put myself down to the level of the same league. I just want to remind myself again and again, not to be naive and thinks everyone is good all the time. Thou I really wish the world is operated in this way all the time, every single souls included, then that would make the world more safe and beautiful at the same time. You see, people will say that you need the colours of all the world to make it looks like the world, so that it won't be dull and boring. Everything fair and square makes the world boring with no challenges and such. Yeah I agree, but at the same time we have been living the same all the time with all these colours, but what's so great about it? I can adjust and adapt, but still, what's so great with all the colours if all these while sufferings are still around and nothing seems to repair it? So...what am gonna do....I can't do much lah. I am not God. But I can adapt and makes full use of what resources there is available to make myself in the world a better place to live. *crapping and dreaming same time at this very happy moment in my mind* I better sign off before I start babbling non stop. So..Hello people! Nice to see you again. Please visit my blog as often even if there's not frequent update...because I am sometimes an attention seeking blogger...if there's no traffic am not motivated to write! LOL 
Do check out the new interface, some new pages here and there that I've update..and oh yeah...I made a tarot package due to requests from regular clients who supported me..you know..to give them some discount package..and the idea is that so they can also spend for their friends for the session..Ok ok..I heard you..I am giving the package offer... pls have a look at the tarot service page... :) *at this point..am a bit lazy to put the link for easy click, so you can take a look and find it at the blog..hehehe* 

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