Sunday, October 19, 2014

She's my Angel...and Angel needs to hear this too...

She's my Angel..she never leave me...She's my Angel...she never leave me...and yes she's my Angel...she love me and I love her.
For under her protective and loving aura, my inner child truly shine
Without her, there's no more glow, nothing flow, and the child will not smile
Am a pampered child, and my Angel have a temper so mild, a body so fragile, but yet a sweet smile, no matter what when where and how
How lucky and grateful I should be, and nothing can replace that kind and sweet smile
No matter how naughty or bad or rotten this child is,
am the apple of her eyes, and the eyes never lie...
Never leave me, never desert me, never let me die
For blessings are abundant when I cry
Wishes and prayers are fulfilled when I plead
To God I ask to bless my Angel, to be place at the highest among the highest Angel realm
To be in the light, with true joy, happiness and eternal life
To be with the nobles and to be love by all
To have all accomplishments be acknowledged and her own wishes fulfilled
And last but not least, to be with the highest of love among God's love.
Good night Angel...may your wings grow much more....

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