Saturday, April 4, 2015

Crystals ... I love crystals

The above are crystals I want to manifest into my collection...I love crystals and they are really a class of it own. Whenever I received or bought a new crystal, the child in me scream with excitement.

Some years back, I remembered buying lots of smaller crystals and stones and charged them with positive energies including wish manifestation for those who requested and post it out to them. This is because I believe that when it is gifted, it is more powerful and empowering...until you lost it. And also because, everytime you open up your mailbox, it's laden with bills to pay. These little stuffs do make up someone's day. Maybe when I have time again, I will make it a service to post these again to people who request, and charge the stones with higher vibrations.

I love moldavites and green phantom. These two are must have in my collection, because I use them alot to do my own spiritual works. On top of that, nowadays am using crystals as well in doing tarot reading as it help to protect the place and give a clearer vision and clear the air. But it's heavy to take everything out sometimes. Other than that, I will be eyeing more for healing am still searching for the One. Oh where are you  my dear? Attract me. And I will bring you home.  :)

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