Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My essential oil journey with #youngliving


Earthlings...greetings to all! Hehehe. Been such a long time since my last post, probably 6 months? Well well, I have finally decided to blog about my new "toys" and actually, not really toys..they have became my passion.  I use essential oils to do my own spiritual and emotional healing, as well as for maintaining my health and also use it extensively for other things including doing my works and healing for clients.

Before I write this post, let me tell you. It is really huge and it actually took a toll on my brain to attempt to write on essential oils. This is because as I go into researching and learning about the oils, I found that there are simply lots of things and stuffs to digest and I can't possibly be putting everything into 1 post.  I probably have to break it into a few posts, as my mood permits, and my schedule allow.."smirks".The facts about essential oils, the history, the knowledge etc etc. is like a huge library with millions of books waiting for you to read about it.  I would strongly suggest that you too,  do your own research and reading because it's actually available at the click of your fingertips. I am most willing to share with you what I have learn and even guide you to start your journey!

So, as I attempt to write and deleted many drafts on it, heck, my usual style I don't really like to compile a library, is a waste of space for my blog. I finally decided to just sit down, calm myself, channel the writing, which means in another word, just write whatever that is in the mind. Then, I discovered that I don't really have much in mind to write, as it is clustered and full of stuffs I have to take out slowly and put them into correct compartment. So in the end, I just wanna share with you my first post which will be my little journey with #essentialoil via #youngliving and why you should join me too in this ever exciting health, wealth and beauty industry all put into one small 5ml or 15ml bottle wonders.

It can really help you to reduce and remove dependency on medicines and drugs usually prescribed to reduce your symptoms but not remove the root cause of your illness. Essential oils...they will one day take over your medicine cabinets, taking over hospitals now, and also invade all houses in the world where every house must have some essential oils as first aid kits! Whoaaaa big industry eh! It is actually very easy to understand if you are a medicinal, health or doctor practitioner. This is because you know the systems, the body, the disease etc. You already have an advantage. You just need a good tool and product as a platform to bring more of your knowledge to help and serve people! Likewise for me, I have to start all over again to read up about health and all this related stuffs, from cancer to the common cold to have a better grasp at those disease that scare the shit out of people and having doctors to give them a timeline of life and death ie how many days and months left for you, eradicating any hope of getting well unless you have a strong willpower to pull yourself out of that unhealthy frequencies.  So these little bottle of wonders, gave you hope again. I am the type that can't live without hope and I can't live with too much hope, but I see this bottle of wonders as HOPE!

Anyway, so what happen was I was searching for essential oils to do my healing works, on top of other organic products etc etc. And also constant bombardment by all health news and such that it really drill into your brain to just choose something healthier to put into your body. Stuffs like below this two,

So how to avoid? We have MSG in our food as long as you are eating outside. You have fluoride in your system as long as you are using a fluoride toothpaste. You have artificial sweeteners as long as you are choosing sugar replacement to reduce sugar level in the hope that the replaced sugar is less sweet?? Shrug..tell me how to avoid? You have Parabens as long as you need a deodorizer for your sweats lol. And Johnsons & Johnsons finally admit that some of their products are cancer causing too. So what I did was, instead of swearing off all these products, of course, I can't be researching all of these products firsthand before I put them in, I am just a user and whatever look nice and affordable, not so obvious the bad news about it, I will just use la..don't talk so much right. But I try to mix and use essential oils along before I replace all of these products with essential oil, hopefully to reduce the impact or health consequences of prolong usage of these products.

One month after I put my thoughts and focus into essential oil, a dear friend called out of the blue. Those calls that seem like they can transmit the frequency and energy to you before you even pick up the call that...hmmm why suddenly call after so long? Must be those mlm or agent calls type of call. *sweat...hope she don't read this hahaha* She was telling me in a very exciting tone which I couldn't make out the content of the conversation up to now. She said lots of things in very fast style, and the only words that stuck was "Essential oils, come!" Okay...Universe sent you over. Okay...and for the past 1 year I have been using the essential oils as a user, with few months in break. Now fully awake and looking at these bottle of wonders, I can't contain my own excitement any longer to tell you the same exact words.


Of course, Malaysia YL have lots of excellent free gifts to new members that sign up, at a very good bargain and compare to other countries bla bla bla...those really great rewards you can't miss! The real truth is, it is super duper exciting that I have no words to describe... I try later, but probably not at this post.  What I would like to share with you is, more to some little experiences, I try to cut short in the post so you don't have to read too much as I tend to digress, and my experiences is mostly spiritual side of the usage as well. Anyway, to start off if you are really new to essential oils, I try not to go into too technical details. Just some small bit here and there first before I really go into writing a whole new post specific to it. 

The above is the process where YL use to process essential oils. When we talk about essential oil, you might be surprised that there are some you can ingest, while some you definitely can't ingest. What can be ingested are the therapeutic type, of course with proper guidelines. 

Therapeutic essential oils are plant based. Where the plants are not GMO and is completely natural, farmed organically and distilled properly. The essential oil retains all the natural properties of the plants. This "life force of the plant" or "the blood of the plant" function is the same as our blood. Its main ingredient is O2. Therapeutic EO is scientifically documented to carry the highest oxygenated molecules known to man. It contains minerals, it is a catalyst because it contains oxygen, amino acids n their functions is to carry nutrients to the cells and throughout the human body.

The function of essential oil is similar to our blood. It is a transport system and carries oxygen and minerals to our bodies. So not only do we get O2 from the oils, we also get negative ions and ozone. In these conditions, bacteria cannot survive in this enviroment. Because of our food, water and air which is so toxic in our body, EO will literally push the toxin out of our bodies because it contains the highest oxygnated molecules known to man. It pushes the toxin and metallic out of the cells and pull potassium back into the cells. In fact EO will re-establish normal cells and functions.

So below is something about frequencies of our body and the oil and something for you to get excited about. Why? When you are at a low frequency, you can get unwell. With even just a bottle of Lavender, the frequency is already higher than the human. It takes 28sq ft of Lavender to produce a 15ml bottle. Talk about potent! And for a bottle of 15ml Lemon, it actually contain approx 46 pieces of organic lemon in that 15ml bottle! It is no doubt very convenient and healthy to just drink your water added with Lemon Essential Oil! 

So basically, the essential oil helped me in a few areas, which I will keep it short here as I will expand on it with next posts.
1) reduce sugar level from 24pts to 11pts and still counting
2) remove negative energies and keep my vibrations and energy level high
3) helped me in terms of being emotionally balanced
4) spiritual advancement, very good for meditation
5) attract abundance easily! (Abundance oil, I will definitely write on it align with my own experience)
6) keep me in joy and attract good relationships with people (your charm just work)
7) slimming and facial beauty
8) balance up hormones
9) healing and spiritual works including increasing my intuition as the pineal gland de-calcify
10) overall health issue
11) keep me aware, conscious, focus and reduce memory loss

Other people feedback and testimonials, include what some can help for your children! Example one of my favorite oil is Brainpower.

So ... okay am practically done with this post as it appears quite long already. Because I guess I kind of digress to just about the oil, this post is very very surface and not in depth yet,  and I haven't even go into my experience yet. But I hope you get my excited energy for the mean time!

Till then, if you really really want to get to know these fast and pronto in real, do contact me so that I can share with you and how you can get these pure potent essential oil for yourself and family! My contact is just above the post. Well..see you at next post. *grin*

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