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Abundance with #abundance #essentialoil Essential oil Blend

Have you ever wonder why some people can get what they wanted so easily and money just ain't an issue in their life? Does not matter how they get to it actually, because you just want to mind your own business, but you do feel that you want to better your own life and you do feel that you want to have an easier and smoother path in your life in whatever you do. If you resonate to the word having abundance, then you must have Abundance oil to help open you up to a world of new opportunities.  

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Abundance is created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. This higher frequency creates what is called "the law of attraction,"which refers to the things we attract to ourselves. Abundance opens us to a wealth of possibilities.

When I first started using essential oil, I started with the very basic kit. The everyday oil kit that includes lemon, peppermint, lavender, frankincense, cedarwood, etc. These oils helped to put me into a state of balance in terms of emotional and spiritual health. I was also on a diet so lemon, peppermint, grapefruit and frankincense was a constant companion to help me remove the toxins in my body. Then, I was into the oil blends. Oil blends are simply singular oils blend together to create something else that we need accordingly. I was literally blown away with many of the oil blends. I am still learning about it and I am exploring on the massage blends as well because it will be useful in my future healing endeavors.

One of my favorite was the Abundance Oil. I love the name simply because Abundance is what am looking for! Abundance means plenty and in terms for wealth, prosperity and relationships, you would want plenty of it. So this oil works perfectly well for you to attract abundance to your sphere.

When you apply Abundance oil, it don't mean that money will fall down to your lap and you don't have to work for it.  However, it will put you into that frequency, expand your aura so that you can hold more, and put you into the condition and situation where you can attract more abundance. You just have to recognize the opportunities and work to it. With Abundance, you just have to work with minimal effort!

Before you can use Abundance, you will want to remove traditional patterns and frequencies, limiting beliefs and fear from your own body system. I tried Abundance earlier on and what I felt at the earlier stage was many things that I was working on, started to crumble down. I had to tear and put away all past ideas on projects, remove myself from holding on to those ideas I was attached to and started to learn new ideas. I felt my old patterns started to change day by day.

Then, I use the Release blend (will blog on this in next post) to help me release my negative emotions and thinking. Once I cleared myself on this level, I started with Abundance oil again. I apply it to my navel chakra (tummy area) simply because it is a chakra point that remove fear, give you courage and the ability to stomach risks. I also apply it to my root chakra which is just behind your back, at the bottom of the tailbone, as this chakra helps to stabilize your daily income, stabilize your career and attract more opportunities.  More kiasu, I also apply it to my crown chakra, heart chakra and the back of the ears and around the wrists. Some people who are not used to the smell will find Abundance oil giving a strong smell. Those who don't like it, are actually the ones that needed it most so be open to it.

What happen was, my aura expanded and started to become more clear. People who met me will comment a very calm, soothing and clear energy or aura when they are around me. And, for the next weeks till now, my phone never stops ringing for more appointments, more opportunities and more chance to close deals! I repeat again, you just have to think what you want, manifest it, don't care how it comes in what fashion, and you will start to recognize the incoming opportunities, non-stop!

I have also seen and heard those I know who are using the oil, experience abundance in their own unique ways. One person I know put Abundance into her paintings and placed it into a business setup, and it attract customers. Some diffuse it into their company or retail store, and clients just don't want to leave their place. Some apply it and hit some lottery numbers they never win most of their life. 

So if you are looking to enhance your own wealth building, doing manifestations, practicing law of attraction, have a more balanced and stable career path, or simply want to open up to more opportunities in life, especially if you are also doing sales related works, you should have Abundance oil in your possession. 

What other singular oils are in the Abundance Oil blend and what they do:

If you are interested to find out more about Abundance oil, you can contact me as below. Likewise, if you just want to try this one oil, you can order the oil from me which is a 15ml bottle. For Malaysians, just contact me and we can either meetup if you are in Klang Valley, or I can arrange for delivery right to your doorstep so that I can share with you how to use this oil to get the maximum benefits.

If you are from overseas, simply email me or contact me via my number below using Viber, Whatsapp or Skype.

Once you decided that this oil is suitable for you and you would like to go further, I can share with you on how to get this oil and other everyday oils at a great bargain.

Wishing you Abundance of health, wealth and happiness!

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