Monday, November 7, 2016

Prediction for USA election - Who will win this 2016 presidency?

On the left : Clinton                             On the right: Trump

Should I really put this up? Well for the fun of making predictions, yes I should! I am so curious to know who will win. I am not from this country, I don't really follow the news on it. I've been curious and I have been watching funny Trump videos like his #sniffing short clips and some cool ones from Randy Rainbow. It's so tickling. If someone from my country were to do these type of video, they will be in jail next day. 

Nevertheless, my personal choice is actually Donald Trump. Read: Personal choice! This is because, to my own opinion, either candidates are just as bad a choice for the country. But between this two, I would rather choose him because he symbolize a loosen cannon to me who will blast away all flawed fundamental systems, bulldoze all popular decisions that only favour some elites and restore some other issues that are swept under the carpet. Not that he is really a good guy, but just the guy that can do a job, eventhough he could be bought to run as a puppet. More to he is the lesser evil of another, and he is not ashamed to show his true colours. The people have been poor enough with pressing rising costs of living and this guy could be the guy that will turn the economy around for the country in his own ways...provided he is really doing his stuffs. Anyway, bottom line for my personal choice is because he probably will break all the systems and rebuild things again to it's glory, hence his tagline Make America Great Again. (actually I don't know what's not great there, because every place or country have almost the same thing, like there's no place that's good all round right? It's just the scale of things or the issues, if it's bigger or smaller. Ie the corruption allegations of Hillary make my country MO1 figure sounds like taking some candies) now on the spread above. Using the tarot deck of Thoth to do the prediction. The cards always do not like my personal choice. It never conforms to me. It choose Hillary to win this 2016 election!!! It's not once but many times. :( Do I relent? Well, I shuffled and drew the card and I have to stick to the spread. I have to be professional right? It's drawn after I put on my essential oils to raise my vibrations. I used Believe, Idaho Blue Spruce, Frankincense, White Angelica and Joy from Young Living to center myself and raise my frequencies so that I can have a clear mind and heart to draw the last time. It was 7th Nov..the election is on the 8th. I am so late for it.

What do the cards represent?
At the top of the spread, the card Ace of Wands can represent the question on hand or the issue which can symbolize the presidency, the first new person, the no1, the new venture. It brings an energy of fire and passion.

On the left for Hillary: I will do a very simple summary
In the past few months, Worry have been ruling the candidate and numerous issues had been up in the open from all angles.

Prince of Cups signify the current time before election, her popularity or campaign is from a place of high going down steadily due to all her past issues. However, this card also symbolize a regal animal, the eagle is flying within the manipulation of someone above it. Look at the rope and how this person is riding on the eagle while it is flying from a high place to a low place. This to me give me a feeling that someone else behind Hillary is controlling her. Ok am not going into conspiracy theories here, this is just what am observing. It could also goes to the simple fact that the campaign managers are doing their works from behind and the campaign is pulling on everyone's feeling and heart strings or using emotions to highlight her as the woman, the mother, the grandmother and what not to be the first female president.

And the next coming near future (election day) - Queen of Wands. Look at the card, this time another fiery element card with the Queen controlling another animal, the tiger and this time manipulating the tiger at her will. This time she have rose above the challenges and take control of the situation. The last card was an Interference card, symbolizing what is the outcome for the election.

Summary, Hillary will most probably win the election in a landslide, and she might be challenged again by sniffing Trump, either on a rigged election reason or crime allegations in later days ie December period 19th to 30th 2016 when mercury goes retrogade for past issues to catch up. Hillary will be in deep obstacles by then, not sure how she can manage but that's another drama later.

On the right side for Trump: in summary!
The past months of his campaign is symbolize by the card Futility, which is more to pointless or being useless. People realised he could be the bigger idiot with a loud mouth I guess. However, as he progress till now, the card Ace of Swords is a breakthrough for him. People start to get enlightened, the sword have open up other dimensions, debates, talks, opinions etc formed around him and his campaign. People see the light and they got worked up between the two. People are more attracted to Trump his ideas, compare to Prince of Cups where it's more calculated move and patterns, sticked to a certain ways and acceptable ways at large and not pulling on bad strings. Ace of Swords is more to being original and more to slicing away all the dirt and cloud and shine at the top of it seeing light.
The Tower for the election day however, signify downfall and major revelations. Well if Trump win, it could be because major revelations of his competitor are out in the knick of time. If he don't, Tower can mean he is being prepared to lose in a landslide.  A massive shock to him and his supporters, and he will keep revealing more damning secrets and challenge Hillary for re-election. If he did as he said, where he won't accept the final decision of the outcome and will challenge the result as to him it is rigged, then the last card came for him - Defeat. This card is the outcome card of the election, where he is defeated. And if he challenge later, that will be another drama after the election.

For now, I have to stick to the spread that I drew, and let's see what is the reality. I don't guarantee the acuracy of these prediction thou, because the energy involved in getting this prediction is huge and it might not be revealed thoroughly.

However, the bottomline part is, whichever candidate is chosen, there is not going to be much different and there will still be issues that are stucked and both of them are just.....America don't u have a better candidate than this two?  :( Sighhhhh. We are here to watch the drama and learn from it. Good luck and go vote!

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