Saturday, January 5, 2008

astrology and sexuality

there's a night when i was chattin with a friend and i was suddenly eager to share with her what i've learnt in astrology and how i relate it back to sexuality issue. as we came to an understanding, human are androgynous. the majority of the population are straight people. and in recent years, homosexuality has emerged , in fact very vocally and openly. what i can relate and to my understanding was, the cosmic energies is always evolving. and it had come to a point where the energies has evolved and give rise to homosexuality issue on earth. the majority condemn the minority and the minority is always of lesser support and is viewed as a negative influence.

there was a time when University of Malaysia was conducting a research for the GLBT group in trying to collect information on us and synchronise our rights as human rights to be tabled to the parliament. there was also numerous discussions on whether homosexuality is a choice out of condition, or rather, are we 'nurtured' or 'natured' to this way of lifestyle.

the young me when i was asked this question, chose to ignore the question because it was an endless debate. the majority is always asserting that we are nurtured by conditions and throw all kinds of accusation to the way we want to live our life. and this minority group is being pressured and ostracized till groups are forms, unions and ngos are set up to provide us social support. but we still live the way we want it to be.

And today, tru astrology, after analysing around 80+ charts with 70+ of it all 'lesbians', i've come to a certain conclusion based on my level of understanding that homosexuality is from nature. astrology is a 6000 years of extensive research and development study and till now, it still exists and all human has some touch with it in one way or another. from astrology, the charts that i analysed revealed the person/owner of the charts what and who the 'soul' really is. the body is just a 'garment' that change while the soul is what drive the body.

From transit progressions till natal chart, till bhava and nakshatra, there are ppl who are born with it, there are ppl who after divorce from marriage with man, turn to lesbianism/homosexuality and there are ppl who are in a closet and lead a double life. All this planets gave the 'style' of their prefered sexuality, but it boils down to one single point, the chart shows they are homosexual.

i include a few chart here, which is just a 5% of the database i have for astrologers interested to read their chart. u can always ask me for feedback for the chart that u are analysing and i'll be happy to do that for you.

Meanwhile, i'll like to get in touch with my mentor Dr Agnihotri who is a Master in Astrology. He has been studying this subject for 38 years (plus a few lifetime back!) . I believe he is the best authority in this subject and i wish he can give me his opinion on this subject. pls come back for more update!

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