Thursday, January 3, 2008

what, u wanna do magic ah?

"wei, what u doing there, counting counting what? money ah?" " no la...just studyin astrology, learning how to count when will money drop from sky lah..." " can count for me ah? i wan to know also. free rite?" " of work wor...but can lah..give u a bit tips loh..what's your birth details ? date,time and place?" "what, u wanna do magic ah? my mom say cannot simply give ppl one this detail after u put magic to me..." and that is an aunty telling me that!

warghhh!!!! i feel like the volcanoes in me start to burn and gonna explode anytime soon and the lava gonna sprout and splash to her and smash her to smitherens!

"aunty ah...if i want to do magic to u ah...i no need your birth details lah. just when u talk to me, i look into ur eyes and wink at u , u'll already be at my command, if i know! or since am smoking, i'll just blow u a puff or two at your face and u'll be handing me money like i really got money dropping from the sky!"

"If u are rich and have lots of money to spend, and an easy target, i will charm u lah, or if u are a handsome boy or a pweeety gal and i want u so much, i will drop my astrology and learn voodoo or witchcraft!"

oh man... i bet every starting scholar of astrology encounter that.
what is the motive of u asking for a reading from an astrologer and then u are cloud with doubts whether to give ur birth details or not? don't u want an accurate reading that's just meant for u? hmm...ok maybe not everyone knows dat u have to supply this 3 information but then, if i take the trouble to study astrology just to get your birth details to cast upon u spells of unimagined horrors, why don't i just go for witchcrafts from thailand or indonesia which is easier access for me as well?

siao cha por!!

after one round of marketing in the market, this aunty came back.."wei...still counting ah? ok la i give u my birth details la u count for me when can buy number..." " i have to see if your life got this kind of provision or not first..." " **date **place **???? i forgot lah the time, can ah?"
"cannot lahhhhhh!!! ask your mother!" (leave me aloneeeeeee i want to count my potency for the whole freaking year!!!!)

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