Tuesday, June 10, 2008

14th June class is on!

Dear everyone,
Class for vedic astrology for beginners is on this coming saturday 14th June , and sunday 15th june from 4pm to 6pm. Then for the following week saturday 21st and sunday 22nd is at 7pm-9pm for those who attend this 14th class.
This way, every week i can have new students at 4pm-6pm.
For new visitors and students, I apologize for the inconvenience of this blog, as even to me, it seems a little messy and full of 'marketing purpose' but i've no choice. But on a happy note, i am getting the website ready just for these classes and trainings.
Last week, i have an impromptu class on meditation with a student as guinea pig so that i can structure my upcoming meditation class properly. Exciting...i hope we can grow spiritually and materially together in our journey!
For other informations on the classes and the money guarantee back policy, please scroll back to previous posts. I will get the website done soon so you will be able to read a more structured page soon. And then i can use back this blog for my own rantings! :)

PS: Feel free to chat on the chatbox i provided :)
And by the way, I won't be managing Institute of Astrological Science anymore as the Master is still not well, I'll just use back my own company name to safe guard both parties interest. So from now on, this is Soul Circles Enterprise, a company doing trainings and seminars for spirituality, metaphysics and astrology. Come back for newer updates or for the new upcoming website soon!

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