Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New astrology classes every weekend

Hi everyone,
For the mean time, we will have new classes every sat and sun 4-6pm for astrology. Coming August will have more activities so pls come back for more updates!

update: still working on the website (grumble grumble...very slow)
the last week class was really interesting, the students were interesting as well :P
did they manage to read their own chart? hopefully past students will feedback to me via
the chat box

now devising some plans for the students to be able to practice their skill and at the same
can also earn and learn. that will be great in view of the economy slowdown right?

when the website is done around july or august, the cost of the classes and prices will be revised. some will be reduced, some will be at a higher price. especially those that are running now because i have not put in a proper pricing to it and pretty hard to cover my costs! well well...u see, beside everything rises that is one of the factor, (my petrol consumption is a bloody 50 bucks for 3 days...i don't eat also have to let the car eat le...getting more thin and thin like this) comparing to other courses at other place, here is still the cheapest. so even if i revise the prices, don't worry, it will still be affordable. so please take the advantage now before the price is being revised!

Signing off today morning !

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