Thursday, December 10, 2009

Astrology course for year 2010

There are times when we look upon the sky and wonder, how big is the universe? Why do we exist in this world? What is the purpose? Are we born to go through sufferings and pains? Are we born because we have some unfulfilled missions? Are we born just for the sake of it?
As the world evolve and the plane of consciousness is getting faster and faster, people start falling and going back to the spiritual plane. We look for answers. We go back to the basic. We go back searching the roots.

People has always been fascinated with psychics, seers, mystics, or anyone at all that have a claim that they can see the future. People want to know what's in store, too eager to know the results, want to be prepared and a whole lots of reasons just to want to see the future.

So let me reveal to you the art of astrology, in a scientific way that will debunk all the myths and fantasies others are making you to believe , traditional beliefs that are now nonsense in our modern time and what is not astrology. Sound skeptic? No...If you have not a basic knowledge on astrology, you do not have the advantages to condemn it as a mere belief. It is a serious study, yet with Soul Circles, you will be able to look at this subject logically and metaphysically.

Do not be amazed by how good someone is able to read your future, you can now do it too yourself. Soul Circles will be launching a 10 months Foundation Course for Vedic Astrology for coming year 2010 starting January onwards. A further Professional Course for Vedic Astrology will be available after completion of the Foundation Course.

This course is aimed at competent beginner scholars, as well as traditional students who wished to upgrade their prediction skills. This is a course that have been remodel from traditional platform, given new applicable techniques, and combined with sound concepts of astrology that makes Soul Circles brand of Vedic Astrology different from others while honouring traditional values that works.

Some insights into what you'll learn in Foundation Course:
1) The roots of astrology and what u think u know.
2) What it can do and what it can't do.
3) The human structure from creation.
4) Astronomy and the relation with astrology
5) The differences in systems of astrology
6) Integration of astrology into daily life and how to get the best out of it
7) How to make accurate predictions in as little as 2 lessons.
8) Timing of events and how to read the 7 areas of life that is most important

In Professional Course
1) The art of Prediction
2) Further studies on techniques of Indian Astrology that works
3) Traditional VS Modern
4) Financial astrology
5) Medical astrology
6) Relationships and synastry charts
7) Practicing astrology for professionals
8) whole lots more
(duration - 1 to 2 years)

If you are looking for express courses like instant noodles hot off the pan, am sorry but those courses can't do you much benefits and is only as hot as 3 minutes. You go in enthusiastically and you come out few months later and not learning much.

Do register yourself now to or text/sms me at 0166728068. Details will be given there.

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