Sunday, December 27, 2009

year 2009...he he :)

2009 to me...that i remembered, thou mostly i forgot...not exactly that great, yet don't think will forget...

The passing of MJ

One of my first favourite pop artist way back when i was young...i can sing to all his songs and i went to his concert when he was here in kl long time ago. u can take him away from me but u can't take him out of all his moves too. when i first got the morning sms about him passing away...i got no mood the whole day and i can't stop myself repeating... "mj is dead" (with some crazy slang) more than 100 times.

the passing of Yasmin Ahmad

She's the only one film director that got me hooked on all local films. of course...those produced by her. her films are touching, meaningful and embodies all the ingredients needed for a peaceful country. not like now, the current state of the country is totally rubbished. i would say she's totally warm, brilliant, humble, brave, a visionary, a compassionate soul, a no fuss lady yet friendly! yeah...her passing sparked another round of 'YA is dead" by me repeatedly more than 100 times again in a day. This is because her passing is missed by all people that love her and her works. 2010 will not be the same anymore without her personal touch at petronas advertisements.

The passing of Teoh Beng Hock

an ordinary man that rose to 'fame' because of the circumstances of his death. he is Teoh Beng Hock, a guy i felt for because as ordinary as he is, he could be a scapegoat in unspoken conspiracy. nevertheless, this is a case i would follow till i die, no matter how effing long they gonna delay the result. this is because there are a lot of discrepancy and injustice in our country, the law, the enforcement , the judiciary, the everything. u can't blame me for being this cynical, because a lot of things happened and cases unsolved, and is so effing obvious evil power is at play. these things send a very strong message to the future generation and if injustice is (still) allowed, what will happen to this place we are calling home? pfft...see u in canada when am done here.

The Icon Lady of 2009 for idol of professionalism, ethics and justice!

Dr KhunYing Pornthip, the Thai pathologist that is giving her opinion on Teoh's case. Ah...i really have high hope on the result...hopefully 2010 jan her report is like orange juice, giving sweet vitamin C to all people who wished to see justice like me. :) :) :) no matter what and how it will turn out to be, we all know the answers already. if right actions is not taken to restore the confidence of every man on the street about the justice system, this case gonna be the talk till i how u can be rich n powerful and wipe out all evidence bla bla bla..better than csi! i janji sama you cerita ini akan dibawa sampai ke akhir hayat ku! but not only this la...the c4 also is very interesting! my own astrology prediction ---> 1 and a half year more

RPK the man!

they say he is a controversial blogger , bla bla bla and more... i say he is controversial only to the present gahmen. because their shit is already at the fan. he is brave, patriotic, knowledgeable and brilliant! i really love his writings. please keep it up!

Hmmz...other than that...what else? my common hate list of 2009 should be the same as most majority people that hate seing injustice, the stupid economy that now made me almost bankrupt no need to repeat. ah...yeah...friends..old and new that i met in 2009...priceless.

i wish to learn more new stuffs in 2010...and also gonna up my current skills again...for 2010 i wanna learn maybe..sign language, so that i can communicate with the mute and deaf, maybe a foreign language like thai and mandarin ( i don't know how to write) , and travel more to other places that i've not been visiting for the past 10 years. :) so much for my wishes and lists to do actually...but the most immediate wish i have now is to get at least 3 or 4 diary for 2010! anyone got extra ? give me yeah... i love diaries!

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