Monday, December 7, 2009

Reiki Courses for all levels

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel that if only...if only u can do something , anything , just to help someone that u love, even, yourself, then thus, at least it feels better, or feel more useful? I had been in that situation 4 years ago. my mom was suffering from leukemia. for that good 8 months, my family spent about 50k just to revive her health. despite the financial challenge where it had literally put a big strain on the family till now, that emotional challenges of 8 months leave me depressed for a good 3 years and still counting till now. the only time u will see me drop a tear will be when i look at her photos. and every year one week before my birthday, which is her death anniversary, u'll only find me at her resting place at nirvana, meditating and praying for her at that peaceful place alone for some hours. i'll dedicate all the merits accrued to her name, and it made me feel better.

No...Reiki did not happen to me at that time. Only opportunistic of expensive MLM products, touts of funeral parlours, agents of will making and this and that, kay-poh-chis aunties who knows a little and hear a little of some whatever herbs remedies and etc people who want to help but can't and yet give a lot of their own opinions which is unsolicited for that add to that depressing times. You name it, even sacred pills from Himalaya gotten from a prominent monk did not work.

All in all, it's fated. I know it and i know my mom just need a peaceful going. But in that process, it's the NOT able to do anything that drove me mad. so mad i wish am the one on the bed instead of her.

After 2 years of these, by some unexplained chain of events, i am introduced to my master LC Seow on Reiki. Call it by destiny, i feel like am going home , once introduced to it. I am indebted to my master for this. I go into Reiki and while it transport me back and forth in time and space, i healed all past events and even send lots of the loving energy to my mom. I dreamed of her for the first time in only level 1 attunement after her death, remembering all her teachings and wisdom behind her actions and seek forgiveness. Deep in my heart, I strongly believe if only I have know Reiki at that time, at least i can reduce her bodily pain and assist her a good transition. It was too late, but yet, am happy to know that Reiki do works for illnesses and way beyond that, and even leukemia because testimonials around the world have affirmed my believe that Reiki helps in all levels.

The Angels have spoken. It's time I share this wonderful healing energy that works for all levels. Throughout next year, my courses will be directed to all levels of society, corporate forces and networks across, and how reiki can benefit you at all areas. Soul Circles Reiki Courses will be way different, for beside the usual courses tailored for modern use, there will be special courses that only caters to individual needs. Soul Circles Reiki Courses do not just make you a reiki-ist, but will make sure that you are a responsible and knowledgeable one for the benefits at large in the long run. Our journey do not stop at courses. You will need to find out more.

Registration for intakes of Reiki courses starts now. The schedule is for January 2010 onwards. Details will be included in email correspondence. Register yourself now to or sms to 0166728068. Leaving your contact details , number and location. Distant attunement is only for people who is physically challenged or staying out of location of kuala lumpur , malaysia.

In the mean time, you can still write in if u wish to include yourself or friends or relatives for distance healing on Soul Circles healing list. This is a free service provided for people in need, all around the world. Please include the name, location and problem area, preferably with a picture of the person needing the prayer.

"Reiki will find you when you need a change"

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