Monday, November 23, 2009

interesting case for fellow astrologers and students of astrology

Phew...what a busy weekend. I encountered a case, where I will post up the chart soon, maybe by tml or the day after for u students and astrologers to analyse. this case is interesting because after the 2nd session, i saw many configurations that came up instantly and am very happy because my predictions are accurate. If u've heard my mantra before, it's trust ur chart more.

in the first session, this person set up her app with me tru a friend. i've only 1 fixed price and it's so easy to remember for myself. however, this good friend of hers asked for a discount, whom i don't even know who. so i gave a discount and it's a take it or leave it. later, this person kept the line with me and was glad to have the consultation. before and during the consultation, she kept saying she is financially tight as she just rolled down the stairs and used a lot of money for hospitalization. I said fine, u can pay me a hundred then since u've been mentioning it many times. how many customers i had that fell down the stairs and of course i remember it clearly.

After around 4 hours of consultation, she paid me 100 and then she asked what's my normal price. i told her my pro fees and she top up another 50 saying she's sorry for taking up lots of my time. if based on my pro fees, she's still behind rm400. after the consultation, she requested to be a friend of mine. Sure, why not? Provided it's sincere.

and then, on and off she'll keep asking questions on the phone and online. i don't remember charts and she's not the only customers i have. imagine if all my customers do the same thing and ur in my shoe, where is ur own time? (refer to guidelines to seeking an astrologer post)

so this friendship is just based on wanting more for herself. during my 2 months solitude, she got angered becuz she said am too rigid with my ethics because she want me to tutor her privately on reiki. well, my reason is simple, i've many negatives to clear off and if am to teach to her, am afraid it's not that good for my negatives will transfer as well. every profession have their own ethics and this fella is so not respecting to other people for she only have herself in mind. so i already know the intentions is not genuine as she only wanted to keep me as friend because of what i do.

anyway after 2 months, she contacted me again for a 2nd consultation. i checked the transits and i already have a bad feeling that this won't work out. i rather save my time for my next appointment, but she kept wanting to see me . ok fine..bla bla bla after the 2nd consultation, when i state the charge, she was shocked because she did not expect it to be that 'expensive'. she said i did not inform her the price. yeah , really, i msg her with a half price of the last session, cuz my mind was still on my discounted price for her by hour while she think it was by session of unlimited hours. see, being generous and understanding towards ur client do not work for they will say u r making up stories to make urself look better. she said i did not inform her in dollars sign and am basing it by hours. all in metaphysics line is based by hours and the highest for my line is 300 an hour.

if ur going for a second consultation with a doctor whom at first u already paid 150 after a big discount for ur misfortune, will u be bringing nuts for that 2nd consultation since u already get a charity based price the first time? won't u want to respect that doctor's rate since u already get helped before? taking things for granted. nevermind la, her chart shows she got a bad memory so she said am making up stories. like i said, how many customers i had that rolled down the staircase? only one , of course i remember. but apparently, she turned and said i did not go for the previous session pricing and is not happy. do i have to look at ur welfare when u don't look at mine?? wonder kak yasmin ahmad is my idol because am the upcoming storyteller of ur life.

my big mistake was i did not state dollar sign and tell her, at least i'll be free for that day for my next appointment because i am already not interested to go for that consultation. so money was not my motivation. and while volcanos was erupting , she said she heard lots of stories bout me and am calculative and money minded and now she experienced it. woooo, as if i don't know what's my gossips about for i've been out and about for coming 10 years. if am that bad, why do she still come in the first place? run far far. people can say lots of things when they are emotionally challenged with money and do not want to pay. calculative and money minded? depends on who and what comes my way. that's a very good entrepreneur skill which i think i still need to learn. i can empty up my bank account just to lend money to a stranger based on trust. is that nuts or money minded? yeah, my friends said it's money minded, my mind is on money for giving to people who might not even appreciate it.

anyway, her chart stated a few configurations and i did not take notice for i just notice the transits. it makes more sense. i don't only use a certain way that i teach to predict for i still have lots of techniques i haven't really use. anyway, since i am posting this up, i don't even have a tinge of expectation that this 2nd session will be paid. however, what was in my mind after seeing the chart and transits again, my career itch is biting me because i did not tell her something important that she need to hear! geesh...blame it to me for having to rush for my next appointment, or blame it on the day's transits. but maybe she's not suppose to know either by the way the universe and nature responded in stopping me.

anyway, for not paying a person for service rendered, especially to service people in metaphysics field, is a karmic offense which is on the pay master. am not worried bout that for it may not happen so soon , but the things i forgot to tell her is really...sigh. she just closed her own door. i wish her well and may she meet another astrologer that can charge dirt cheap, hopefully she'll know if i overcharge or she underpaid.

anyway, in my next class i'll reveal what's the config u have to look out for in a person's chart and next year i'll be arranging real live free prediction weekends for new students. keep in touch and blessings to this case.

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