Saturday, November 7, 2009

He's coming tml !

*excited* my premonitions on getting spiritual gifts , one of it came true! two months ago, i already have an inkling that before end of this year, am gonna have him. and yesterday after checking back with my master, am now preparing for my baby to arrive tml sunday...the 3rd prince or well known as kumantong. from young, i've been in love with this name kumantong and i've no idea why. My master said I could probably be one of his gang. However, those craps aside, i once had him in the form of bottle and amulet, that was like, 10 years ago and later i gave it to a friend. I used to collect a lot of thai pendants before, I still left a bit only, while others had been either sold or given away. I still have a liking for thai amulets because the design are really captivating. anyway for kumantong, i always don't have a place for him before this, but now it's different!

My master said this kumantong had been with him for about 40 years and is his 'sayang'. but i got a 'sing pui' to bring him home! lol...nvm la master... we love at first sight ma cuz he keep calling me!

Later am gonna go buy some stuffs some more as yesterday round of buying is not enough. Reciting my mantras again for kumantong, this time am gonna give him a real good name :)

you might wonder what's my next waiting my taoist master to finish up the chanting and praying of a tiger spirit in his takrut for me for protection. (don't know how many days of chanting already :( ) this 'event' is also very 'designed' or fated as the offer for this thing is like just landing on my lap, free! all thanks to my supplier punya lou gong!

my last one big 'gift' is coming next year. it should be a buddha. the only keyword i got is the word 'Leong' . Hehe...3 precious for my works. No wonder i have to keep waiting next year for full force working!

*hungry...over 12 hours empty stomach d...* Shopping!


  1. Is your boy active or quiet? Mine is very quiet, but I can feel him at times.

  2. he's quiet, but very playful with my stuffs earlier. i can feel him and when i play tarot cards, he will be there. :D