Saturday, November 14, 2009

this is what happens in a session for a typical student and guru in astrology of my guru is a very conservative person

Today i had a very long convo with my guru. she's da only one dat can make me sob and shake my knees. cuz she got my complete chart. i hope she remember to burn my chart should anything happen to her...kakaka...we talked bout many things, and also bout my life and such. we even talked bout this subject called love. here's some excerpts from the convo...where she sort of ask me questions to see what's in my mind and compare with the chart...

me: i see u 10 times, 10 times also discuss biz. what bout r/ship this time?

guru: last ur asking...i tot u never ask?

me: hehehe...nothing else to ask already mah.

guru: what for ask bout love? it's not lasting for u, basically u r to be of mass service, there's no one that can accompany u till the end of ur life.

me: i hope u mean my partner die first than me rather than am fated to be alone for now till that end! -_-!!

guru: *giggle* smart ass. u been in hiding for 3 years almost coming to 4 years. u have it, lots of r/ships , u urself make the walls around u and rejected it. why?

me: study lo.

guru: no la..don cheat me.

me: *mumbling* i was in grieve. took that time to study too. and i prefer animals to human, i am not scared of spirits but human.

guru: ok u can go on...i still think there's something not reflecting here.

me: ... i think i can't find someone that understands what shit am doing especially in my career choice. is there any alternative? like...companionship without the sex involved huh?
*display a very innocent look to my guru*

guru: haiya...just say la u want to know when it's coming!

me: hahahaha...geeesh....can't u just play along and close one eye? >_<

guru: i don't understand, why even thou love hurts, still u young kiddo wanna go and fulfill the condition. will make u heartbreak and tears flow..might as well dedicate urself to doing charity and God's works

me: syok ma..aiyah..when it's there, love n commit 100% for that moment least 'been the tshirt and oh yeah!' and if it breaks, good time to lose weight also.

guru: wooo...what a world now?!?!

me: are we on the same topic? why are we both like in a different world? there a gen gap here??? anyway..i think companionship is better, u see...can share , can support, can walk together, can give strength in terms of hardship..can do own works also. separation...maybe i can't take it well but still can learn something

guru: yeah, okie. i guess u r done with escaping lessons since the past 3 years. done with ur shortcuts now. the fastest that will come is coming february next year la. for that next year, u gonna have 2 heartbreaks. then in the next 3 years, u r really gonna have a few , even diff race.
so u must buy lots of tissues.

me: whoaaaa..... wtf ! *regrets* i dowan so many enough la! till end...getting old d la dowan play one

guru: am not joking with the chart! i can sponsor u tissues then. but u more expert in changing destiny loopholes, maybe u can find that one.

me: :( so confirm kah? coming one? nice boh? any tips? siapa?

guru: let's talk bout 2012 lah ... can u tell me what's da fuss with this 2012? calendar kaput already issit?

me: awww....ok.. 2012. sure.

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  1. by that time, I will lend u my shoulder... and a few drinks alrite!