Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Soul Circles List of Services, for mean time

while checking my site for searchers keywords, i think it's now almost time to give a bullet list of what service that i offer, with the explanation wherever possible while waiting for the website to be done. Meanwhile, starting tomorrow, am officially taking in appointments for consultations and healing services after my 2 months solitude. The appointments will be for december onwards so please do make the appointments now so i can arrange my day.

Around this 2 weeks before december, i only cater to urgent cases especially from past clients, while december onwards will be for readings for the next fiscal year 2010.

For current schedule until further notice:

Astrology and divination service:
ONLY 4 consultations a day for astrology is accepted. One day booking required, short notice will not be entertained. Consultation place is at OUG Ipoh Town Cafe, u can call for directions. I do not go into house for consultation and transportation will be charge if am required to go over your area.
(sorry, no email reading or cam online till further notice)

Karmic removal, obstacles clearance, cleansing, healing works for the coming year , relating to relationship challenges, financial, manifestation of wishes and goals, realizin business and career.
ONLY 1 person a day or in a group of maximum 3 people a day. case to case, sessions based.

Reiki Massage for old folks (priority) or people with rheumatism, stroke or other bed ridden illness.
Booking required.

Healing and spell dissolve for black magic victims (no matter what type or which branch), possessed and inflicted with bad 'feng shui'.
Booking time from 10am to 12pm.
(please don't ask me to put a spell on someone or whatever for you will be disappointed)

Amulets/pendants/crystals reprogramming, attunement , mantra enhancing.

Reiki for pets. Look for WowWowPets fan page in facebook or call to enquire.

Private Strategist for your business and personal need. Personalized and case basis.

Courses for Astrology Foundation and Reiki is available now as private tutoring at OUG. Vigilant and dedicated student/searcher/scholar only need to find me as I am a serious mentor in my works, with a smile :) . Email or meet up for more information, contact 0166728068 or see my profile details.

Healing list / prayer requests is at no charge. U have to provide ur email contact, picture of the one that require healing, illness, hospital and ward no, or problems. Healing energy will be sent everyday for about 15 - 20 min, whenever am free.

Waiting for destiny??? Make a change, book me now :P

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