Thursday, November 5, 2009

Astrology speaking, just for today....I love.

There are many many kind of love. Some are bizarre. Some are pure. Some are tragic. Many many patterns and many kind. Some are returned. Some are not. Some, take years to recuperate. What the hell is this thing call love? ? In astrology, I can at least differentiate a few different type of love. Love for God, love for parents, love for siblings, love for partners, love for children, love for friends and love for universal human. Of course, there are also love for many other types that I can see from an astrology chart. But what I can see is, love do not come alone all this while. It is tainted with jealousy, infidelity, obsessions, possessions, guilt and such. Is it not suffering? My whole damn files of charts consists more than half with love problems. anything, any stories u ever see in movies or ever dream of, i think i can make a movie out of my case files.

Is it not suffering to suffer because of love? But you can never judge how much a person can and is willing to take in just to conquer the love of their life, just to be. Then, came the unappreciative of having own the one you fought so much for at the beginning. It just go round and round.

Astrology chart is just an indication what are the rough tides you'll be riding with your partner. It is not to indicate that you should break it off with your partner just because the rough tide is in. It just tells u the cycle, and how you should be prepared on how to ride it on with your partner till the time is not challenging.

Hence, even if u r to shoot me with lots of hate mails later, I loudly DESPISE traditional vedic astrologers who do not ride with the wave of the modern world. I do not agree with matchmaking via just the chart and uniting people without love, and also breaking families apart when the time is rough. Just your one word can make or break the couple, or just your one word of 'she brings u bad luck' and there goes the poor girl as widow. This is because the human will is above the chart. I also despise feng shui remedies that bank in on people's wounds and do not offer logical solution.

In this big big big universe, to be able to meet someone and have them in your life, whatever role they may play, is really a connection you should treasure. be it good or bad, u learn from all. everyone is a teacher to you and vice versa. so why not love bravely, smartly, purely, like how a child love? use astrology to guide u instead of using it as an excuse to break things apart. give your best shot, even if it fails, u already given ur best. astrology can help you make that best choice if u approach it wisely.

just for today, i love a stranger like how i would love myself. just for today... i love instead of hate. just for today, i love u with all i ever have and do not worry about the returns. if u can do this, u don't even need my service.

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