Wednesday, November 4, 2009

hate this number

if u've noticed, 8234 dat i predicted few weeks back, keep coming up either in permutation or u just need to add in 1 digit front or back...8235 example. damn...u know..astrologers don't really keep track of their numbers...where after it came's heart beating like an ape!

u can backtrack the results at, and ... i hope i even get the web urls correctly. master told me not to predict too much numbers...or else my wealth will slip it is , my wealth had been slipping away all this what's the difference aight?

i like this numbers a lot..have an inkling it'll come up soon. i will keep it here and will also let a few of my friends to follow, cuz i can't buy as i don't have the luck cycle now. if u kena..belanja kopi also no problem okie! 6147.3983.9395.6205.7735 and 2345. jupiter will be ruling for saturday. and with the aspects, expecting lots of 3s and it's either the 2nd digit or covering the last digit of a number will be 3s. good luck!

1 comment:

  1. Hi there,
    2 of the number come up, 9395 and 2345 (came up as 5234) , just enough to belanja you coffee because it came at the consolation. Good try! Hope you got more tips.