Friday, October 2, 2009

karma in astrology

while still preparing for my course materials for reiki and vedic astrology, i came across many articles that touch on karma and vedic astrology. should i follow their style, i am just another fear instilling astrologer in the vast market of astrology just for business. i understand these issues and the working mechanism of survival, however, i do not want to add into my own karma when delineating a chart. as an astrologer, and am aiming to raise the standard of professionalism in vedic astrology to a wider market in malaysia, the first one important karmic offense is misleading and 2ndly is obstructing the course of karmic events by deciding for the clients the one ultimate way.

what i mean is, we have to let the client decide their own choice after a series of suggestions and probable outcomes of the event. to really understand what is astrology, i'll put in some summary details herein. these topics will be discussed fully when my courses are ready to be taken.

say...5000 years ago, sages of the past had been observing the movement of planets and constellations in the sky. they link every possible situation and outcomes when the planets move in the constellations and the signs. they observed how the planets are and such. The sages are divided into 2 groups, one of the vedic tradition, and another the tamil siddhars. together, these 2 make up the Vedas science of light.

the understanding of astrology is based on cosmic consciousness, and not any God/religion based. this is because the sages do not believe that destiny cannot be altered.hence the model of astrology takes shape as a model that can 'help' humankind.

That is why there are a lot of remedies, poojas and rituals to appease the planets. However, all these remedies, poojas and rituals associated with vedic astrology are actually very religion based. this is because it had been 'designed' by People to atone their 'sins' . and these remedies and such, is only confined to 'religion' and it is not accurate in terms of timing. WHY? first problem = india got a lot of 'calendars'...which one to follow??? and then it branches out to other religions closely related, example buddhism. 2ndly: most religious activities are based on the country's convenience, example, big poojas are adjusted for that particular weekend so that ppl can participate together. of course, the more ppl in prayers, the more better it is. however, am speaking on the viewpoint of astrology. which is one question, how many percentage of ppl that go to temples and participate in these remedies can actually affirm that their karma had reduced??

u go to religious places to make prayers and such, to find peace of mind, to feel divine love and get divine spiritual help, to connect with ppl, to network and even socialize. u plant these seeds so that when u have a problem, someone is there to guide u. however, karma is a different matter altogether.

in astrology, there are 3 types of karma. the 1st is: u cannot change it, whether heavy, bad or good. u will see a lot of same recurrences in the chart and these are what u bring over from past lives, ur inventory, ur tools, ur sins and such. things that already happened that can't be changed. the basic example is the family u have chosen to born into, the country or place u have chosen to born into, the status of ur name and fame, ur physical appearance, ur special talents and abilities and ur children. afflicted charts suggests deep karmic offense, where no matter what remedies and such that u do, no matter how many times u do, it will still happen and stick to u for u have to fulfill the condition and repay ur 'debts'.

every single being , especially human, carries karma from the creation time (from adam and eve) till the present times. in our 'system', something like a chip, is already implanted these karma and it is within us. example: all of us have a basic survival instinct latent within us, when something happens, somehow we can survive if we 'activate' that instinct. or 2nd example, a pure child, say 3 years old, will know how to get angry, jealous and such thou no one teach them, this is because it is already latent within.
we are made to forget our past lives, as we would be shocked to know how much sins we've committed if we are to remember.

2nd type of karma: things u can change after actions is being taken which includes doing more charity, do more goods, changing of ur mindset, ur behaviour and such. as time is just a perception, there really isn't much difference with past, present and future. u carries past karmas, u change ur destiny by will in present, u reap the rewards in future, which could be in a day, in a month in a year in the next life. keypoint is, just do it if u want to improve ur situation. ex: in ur chart, u r suppose to be a low wage earner or u r suppose to be someone that are leading a simple life, but u wanna improve ur financial situation, so find a way to work harder to upgrade ur knowledge and qualification, be more hardworking instead of blaming the chart,  ask help from ur frens for recommendation to a better job offer, or find ur own better job offers, do more goods and by ur will, u can change this provision.

3rd type of karma are less significant and can be changed by will alone.

what can change the course of human destiny? in astrology, a chart bigger than human can alter everything. ex: a place, a country chart , can alter individuals destiny. say, a tragedy that involves lots of human life. a government policy that affect lives.

how should u set ur mindset towards astrology then , if things can change? use astrology as a diagnostic tool. my master said, the tamil siddhars invented the indian astrology primarily as a diagnostic tool for medicines. after which, it had branched out to being a predictive tool for human events. the law of accidents opined, if u are not conscious, the predictions in astrology just work, green lights, while if u r aware and take effort in will and changing ur mindset, it will change. afterall, to know how this diagnostic tool works, u still need to learn it before u can make a judgement about it.

do not take anything as truth until u have tested it and it is logical to u, hence study serious astrology before passing judgments, and view it scientifically with a scholarly mind. i am confident my courses will let u enjoy the predictive power of this diagnostic tool, the falls of astrology as in what is the working boundary of it,  on top of sharing deeper how u can change ur live using astrology.

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