Saturday, October 10, 2009

magnum,toto, kuda number forecast or prediction

just learning something new and putting into practice from master. no guarantee. don follow. still learning! don't say i din warn, no compensation. cuz this is based on common chart only. not personal. so just trying to guess the numbers and combinations only. hahaha...but if u won one day, send me a 10% okie! will keep posting for every draw from now on...(if not busy) as 'homework' to let my master see . this is maiden post. don't expect i will come up with the technicalities of it cuz i am just testing the water and theory!

PS: Because of my own configurations, all numbers given, if only 3 digit, u can add any number in front or back up to u. or u can buy from private that cater to 3 digit only. if u see 4 digits, example 1234 , u add and or subtract 1 digit, according to ur own liking. example : 1234, try 2234, 0234, or 1233 or 1235. 
I do cater for reading for gambling luck on personal basis or chart as am better at that as my clients keep coming back every week thou not many as I never advertise it. They come based on word of mouth. :P

Sat: 10/10/2009
M: 414, 615, 441,025, 5062, 3317
K: 8362,6243, 2756,  005, 454, 802,
T: many double digit, 44,88,11

Results tonight rite? will post the results for reference and see where i flopped after my class! *am buying private so I don't have my own bet slip to show if I hit or no hit*

However if u want to know your lucky number next time, just sms to 0166728068 with your date of birth, your house address, your car number and your telephone number and I will work out your personal 4 digit number based on this. PLEASE DON'T CALL as I prefer to see the details on sms. That is for 1st round procedure. Bank in service fees of RM 20 for 1st round to my bank account which will be supplied to you in the sms and you'll get your personal lucky number that can be 'bet' on , on your best days.

2nd round will be card reading if you wish to continue, preferably a picture of yours to my email.

For 2nd round of card reading service, just RM10 for each reading for draw day. I can read for you once I got to 'see' your face and will reply back in sms. Well, still, you decide at your own risk as nothing is absolute.

Haha...and all this money that I receive will be use to purchase groceries and food for the needy. ;P

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