Friday, October 30, 2009

very short 2010 economy brief..

i hope am not painting a grimly outlook on the economic front for 2010 . am just using Jupiter , the significator for economy as it is the planet that rotates on the whole chart on a yearly basis. Every 12 years the share market will experience a big tumbling due to jupiter placement and of course, when u look at the big boy jupiter, saturn have to come into the picture as well. the other planets do play a significant role as well, as they are not sleeping and they contribute to the monthly, weekly and daily analysis of the economy as well.

this is just a very 'big picture' painting for what's in store for the coming 2010. this big picture is painted based on jupiter and saturn placement in both the western and eastern horizon and how it will be for the general world economic front. U can actually track these placements in any astrology websites that are well established in terms of the exact timing and placements as am just using a very general timing.

This will be useful info for eastern countries as well, with jupiter getting out of it's capricorn/makara debilitated placement by december, the economy will rise with lots of activities and trades.

For the 1st 6 months of the year 2010, embrace for everything will rise. so now is a good time to save some extra no matter how hard it is, as our money will get smaller.
Things look better in the 2nd half of the year, managing to scrimp through! (yay) (however, world disaster seems to get more tragic :( earth quake indicated )

If you are looking to buy some good deals in real estate, watch out 2010 as there are good stars in having good development in this area. Research and control will be in order, instead of hoohaa built and run type.

Political wise, as how it will effect our economy, will be rising a top notch as the citizens will rise more towards corrupted politicians. we shall see more corrupted politicians exposed and the good ones prevail in their challenge.

Next year, knowledge will be empowerment. do invest more in skills and knowledge too, at the 2nd half of the year.

hopefully this really short overview can give someone a kickstart to plan for 2010!

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